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Last week we wrapped up our short series on troubleshooting your plant reliability. Part 1 was directed at plant managers, and Part 2 looked at plant reliability from a manufacturing executive’s point of view. Today on Troubleshooting Thursdays, while we’re still in this zone, we want to take a few minutes to talk specifically about troubleshooting your workplace safety.

Manufacturing holds countless potential physical dangers for employees: work sites, machinery, chemicals—you name it. All these hazards mean that safety regulations are critical in the manufacturing environment. Without them, employees would be in serious danger. Employers are responsible for making sure that safety regulations are in place before employees begin work. The United States Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) has developed many workplace safety standards to help prevent injuries, accidents, and deaths on the job.

OSHA also keeps track of the number and type of safety violations they encounter when they get called out on inspection after an injury or accident has happened. Each year, they release their list of the Top 10 Most-Cited Safety Violations in the US.  (You can see the full list for 2017 here—falls are top of the list again for 2017 as they are most years.)

And, every year for at least the past 8 years, electrical violations have made the top 10 list. In 2017, in the category of Electrical–wiring methods, there were 1,530 violations in US companies. That’s down a bit from 1,937 in 2016, thankfully, but still represents a lot of needless suffering.

What many people don’t know is that OSHA also issues enforcement press releases on a regular basis, publishing the names of the companies with most or worst violations leading to worker injury or death, descriptions of the events, the total number of citations a company receives, and the settlements they had to pay out. This list particularly shames the companies with the most willful and repeated violations, placing them in the “Severe Violator Enforcement Program.” Not the kind of publicity you want for your company.

Workplace Safety Standards

Safety policies that protect workers and ensure the smooth day-to-day operation of the plant are the responsibility of executives to determine, and plant managers to execute. The maintenance professionals who maintain and repair production line machinery work directly with electricity and are continually exposed to electrical hazards such as shock and flash hazards, death from electrocution, burns from fires, and injury from explosions and flying shrapnel. They need special consideration when it comes to electrical safety training.

OSHA has a webpage where you can view their electrical standards, and learn about hazard recognition and other safety solutions, and, what is near to our hearts, training employees to work safely with electricity.

That’s something that Simutech Multimedia integrates into every aspect of our industrial electrical troubleshooting skills development training. Trainees learn an effective, systematic method for troubleshooting electrical problems that includes proper safety precautions in every situation. Better still, because it’s a simulated environment, they are free to learn and make mistakes without any risk to themselves, others, or costly equipment.

Over 450 Fortune 1000 companies and over 200 educational institutions in over 57 countries now use Simutech Multimedia’s Troubleshooting Skills Training System for their maintenance professionals. Download our first module, Troubleshooting Electrical Circuits, for free.

Thanks for joining us, Troubleshooters! Tune in to Troubleshooting Thursdays again next week, when we look at troubleshooting your training processes.

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