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Simutech Multimedia decommissions free TEC individual license

A note from our CEO Samer Forzley

Over the years, Simutech Multimedia has been proud to provide customers with a great product and customer service. Last year, as part of our corporate social responsibility mandate, we opened up our first module for free to individuals who are transitioning into new jobs, military personnel and students. And we are pledging to continue to do that.

The product itself is also changing. We are excited to start releasing new content and a new training methodology that integrates learning form all concepts into a unified experience. This change also means the product is taking on a more realistic industrial approach where corporate licensing is more appropriate.

We thank everyone for their continued support and in helping us to make the Simutech Training System the best solution for learning how to troubleshoot. Members of the military or students looking to boost their skills by using our training tools can email [email protected], and we will be glad to help.


Samer Forzley

If you have more questions about the free TEC individual licenses, please see our FAQ page.

Final notice regarding module versions 5.0 and earlier

Starting in March 2018, we began to communicate to all of our Enterprise customers about Simutech Multimedia phasing out 5.0 and earlier versions of our modules on March 31st, 2019. If you haven’t already, we urge you to move to the new Simutech Training System today. Begin your move today.

What happens if I don’t move over to the new system?

  • You can continue to use the enterprise software, but there won’t be any new updates or bug fixes
  • You won’t be able to access any new modules (including the new PLC Sensors module) and will not be able to make any modifications or additions to modules
  • If you use the renewable Course Manager, you must move to the new Simutech Training System on or before the expiry date.

Click here for important FAQ’s and more information about the Simutech Training System

As a reminder, enterprise customers who make the move to our new Simutech Training System can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Get access to our new design and enhanced look and feel.
  • Frequent updates on modules and new faults. Including our upcoming PLC Sensors module.
  • Manage and customize training, assess skill level and track the progress of maintenance staff.
  • Train staff locally or across the globe, our entire solution will now be accessible anywhere at any time. (Note: all of our modules are also available in Spanish).
  • Increase learning retention rates, we’re packing our newer versions with sophisticated game-like features and immersive training functionality.

For question and inquiries, don’t hesitate to contact us at:

Toll-Free: 1-866-942-9082
Email: [email protected]

Meet the New PLC Sensors Module

As you might’ve heard, we’ve been hard at work developing Simutech Multimedia’s newest module focusing on industrial PLC analog inputs, sensors and associated devices. We are proud to announce that our brand new PLC Sensors Module will be available early April 2019.

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Simulation training helps PBBS solve the labor shortage

Industrial boiler service company uses Simutech Multimedia’s simulation-based training system for teaching electrical troubleshooting skills

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Troubleshooting PLC Sensors—April 2019

Simutech Multimedia’s newest module will be set in a greenhouse environment and is ideal for electrical, maintenance and manufacturing professionals who want to learn more about advanced automation elements in industrial environments. The beta release of the new module will teach participants how to anticipate results occurring from changing temperatures, humidity and light.

Simutech Multimedia goes on the road this summer and fall!

For some of us, this winter has been rough. But here at Simutech Multimedia, we are looking ahead to really exciting events happening in the warmer months to come. We are so proud to announce that our CEO Samer Forzley has been invited to speak at THREE conferences this summer!

The first will be happening in Boston at LiveWorx 2019 from June 10-13.


Gamification and Simulation Used to Train Next Generation of Manufacturing Workers

The new Simutech Training System provides users easier access to the product. All six modules can now be installed by a single click, and any future product updates will automatically download. Additionally, the end user will be able to manage his or her training in one place no matter where the training takes place, whether at work or home.

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Simutech Multimedia and CEIEP Launch New Elevator Door Simulation

CEIEP and Simutech Multimedia announced the launch of Troubleshooting Freight Elevator Doors, a fully simulated module designed to teach new and existing elevator technicians the science of troubleshooting systems specific to the elevator industry through a hands-on and interactive method.


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