With the requirement of sustainable operational excellence and streamlined costs, training has never been more important than in today’s industrial markets. Finding the right training solutions can be challenging.

We know that finding training partners whose solutions address a long list of requirements from multiple departments including everyone from the maintenance staff, line managers, maintenance managers, human resources and of course, the management team. This is further complicated by time and budget constraints, technical dependencies and the multitude of solutions all claiming to do the same thing.

To make it easier for you, we have put together a checklist to help you sift through the noise and empower you to make the right decision for your company.


  • Is there a clear and convincing return on investment?

Professional Development

  • Will this solution provide my team enhanced skills or knowledge?

Implementation and Access

  • Is this training solution easy to implement?
  • Is this solution easy to roll out at one or multiple locations?
  • Does this solution allow my team to train from home?

A robust, proven solution

  • How long has this solution been available?
  • Who has successfully implemented this solution?
  • Has anyone vetted this solution?
  • Do industry associations like this solution?

A complete solution

  • Does this solution progress participants?
  • Does it allow for continual practice and improvement?
  • Is the training universal? Meaning, are the skills learned transferable to my company environment?

How does this solution stack up against…?

  • Conferences
  • In-person training
  • Instructor led training
  • Simulation or computer-based training
  • In-person, trainer led training


  • Does the solution allow me to scale up and down?
  • Do I need multiple licenses or can I train multiple people on one license?

Varying Degree of Difficulty

  • Does this solution allow for different difficulty levels for different individuals?

Ease of Procurement

  • Is this a capital or operational expenditure?
  • Is this solution payable in installments?
  • Does this solution feature a monthly billing system?
  • Is there a pay as you go solution?


  • Does this training provide safe work practices that users can take back to their job?
  • Is the training practical or theoretical?
  • Is the training live or simulated?
  • Does the training allow for practical, hands-on practice?


  • Is there an instructor portion to the training solution that allows you to measure performance and skill?
  • Is there an option to schedule training?
  • Is the tool capable of tracking completion?
  • Are customized tests available?
  • Is there feature that assesses performance?


    • Are there support documents like an instructor’s manual available?

Download this checklist in PDF format

There are a lot of training solutions out there, but very few offer complete, end-to-end simulation-based training program.

Simutech Multimedia teaches and enhances electrical troubleshooting skills (also, we believe that it meets all of the above considerations, and it’s even been adopted by both the JATC and WECA!).

Try us out—sign up for a free demo and compare us to this checklist and let us know how we do.

In addition, the system features a Course Manager allowing trainers to track progress, performance, skill, completion and even allows for customized testing and completion certificates.

This system can be used as self-directed study or can be used within a classroom environment.

Simutech’s Troubleshooting Skills Training System offers a challenging solution that leads to higher engagement—and ultimately experts in the art of electrical troubleshooting.

What do you think of our checklist? Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments below.

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