We’ve talked before on our blog about the thing to look for in an LMS. Finding the right LMS for your needs is a key step in the process of bringing the best online learning and training to your company, but before you even take that step, let’s talk about how an LMS can benefit you and your company. 

We’ve put together a list of the top 6 reasons why an LMS is a must-have for your company’s learning:

  1. Organized: Before LMSs, people experienced e-learning as a patchwork of different programs either installed locally on your computer, or accessed through different websites and log-ins on the internet. With an LMS, all your learning can be pulled together in one organized place. Depending on the LMS, you can even organize your courses or learner into digestible groups, or have users follow planned-out ‘learning paths’ that keep them on the right track. 
  2. Web-based: There’s no denying that the introduction of cloud-based computing was a game-changed to the technological and online world. It’s easy to forget that less than ten years ago most files, documents, and programs were only ever saved locally to computers, or on mobile hard-drives, discs, or other physical file transfer methods. Cloud computing means that no matter where you are in the world, on any laptop you can log-in to a secure account and access all your information the same you would on your home computer! The LMS has been one outcome of the explosion in cloud technology. Having your users be able to access e-learning and training from the lab at your factory, or from their laptops at home, is a huge benefit of an LMS. 
  3. Immediate updates: Part in parcel with the web-access of the cloud is the ability to know that your e-learning can be automatically updated by course and software providers at the click of a button, with no need to install new updates or patches over and over again as they are released. You can always be safe in the knowledge that what your users are working with is the latest and greatest version of the courses that you purchased, with no need for extra effort on your end. 
  4. Personalized: Before the LMS, any e-learning and training software that you purchased had very limited personalization capabilities. Mainly you were stuck with whatever branding and learning-paths the software designers had laid out for you. Now, many LMSs are extremely customizable, and you can do everything from have your personal company logo embedded onto it, include your own company-specific small courses (if they have an authoring tool), choose when your learners progress to the next stages of their learning, and more. 
  5. Communication: The other great thing an LMS integrates is the ability to communicate easily with all the learners in your system. No longer do you have to keep an excel sheet of the email addresses of all your users, that you copy and paste into an email every time you need to update your learners on the next steps of their learning. Communication tools are built  into almost every LMS, so that you can send updates directly to a learner’s email, or through a notification tool built into the system, so that when they log on they immediately can see any relevant information they need to fully utilize the training system. 
  6. Administration: A good LMS allows any course administrator, from a novice to an expert, easily administer e-learning courses to their learners. They are built to intuitively resemble common modern technological know-how, and often come with built-in tutorials or onboarding processes to allow course administrators to figure out the more complicated features, so you can be sure you’re getting the most out of what your LMS can do. 

If all this sounds like an improvement over your current e-learning and training experience, or you don’t have an e-learning process in place yet, reach out to Simutech Multimedia at sales@simutechmultimedia.com and we’d be happy to discuss how our LMS can fit your online training needs. 

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