In our fourth and final instalment of the Using the Troubleshooting Skills Software series, we look at the benefits of using the software in workplace training programs.

How well your staff troubleshoots can affect the bottom line of your organization. Some of the impacts could be:

1. Downtime of equipment

In some cases, equipment unexpectedly failing can cost the company a lot of money. Production stops, employees may need to be sent home, and even penalties may apply if the equipment cannot be brought back on line quickly.

2. Cost of replacement parts

Replacing only defective parts can save money.

3. Repeat Business

The quality and efficiency of the work, especially in troubleshooting, can directly affect whether a customer comes back to you or goes to your competitor.

Most likely, there are a few different levels of proficiency when it comes to your staff’s troubleshooting skills. Some of your people may be top-notch troubleshooters, while others may have had little or no training or experience in troubleshooting. Still, others may be okay but have not had the chance to practice and improve their skills.

Tips for Working Through the Programs

  • Before beginning the program, provide each person with specific processes or procedures which your organization uses for troubleshooting.
  • Inexperienced staff should work through each program in order starting with Basic Techniques. They should not skip sections or move on to the next program until it is completed.
  • Experienced staff will have more flexibility for working through the programs. They do not necessarily need to start at the beginning but they should review the content in the Basic Techniques section which provides information on the Systematic Troubleshooting Approach used in these programs. They should also review the section on “Using the Tools” found in each program to understand how the simulator works.
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