Troubleshooting Electrical Circuits (TEC) is our foundational electrical troubleshooting simulation. Your professionals will learn to diagnose and repair a variety of faults in a simulated electrical circuit consisting of wiring, lights, relays, switches and pushbuttons.
TEC provides a rich experiential environment where professionals will learn and practice the skills crucial for troubleshooting in industrial settings such as manufacturing production lines, petrochemical facilities, utilities and mining sectors.


Realistic lighting circuit scenario
A variety of faults for your professionals to explore and solve
Elements typically found in electrical circuits
Adaptive learning that assesses users’ skill levels and customizes the program to the individual’s performance
Detailed experiential environment
Conformance to NEMA standards

Activities Included


Your professionals’ personal safety—and even their lives—depend on this basic but critical task, so it’s part of many activities in the simulation. They’ll practice it often so that this essential safety skill will soon be automatic

Using the multimeter

The multimeter is the electrical diagnostician’s best friend! Your maintenance professionals will use the multimeter to diagnose problems in electrical circuits

Replace or repair

Replacing electrical components can be costly. Your maintenance professionals will learn how to identify a faulty component, replacing only when necessary

Work with wires

Wires are a critical part of the electrical circuit. Loose, shorted or broken wires can bring a huge production line to a grinding halt. Your professionals will learn to safely identify and repair faulty wiring issues


Adaptive learning

Simulations assess the user’s skill levels and customize the program, so the user is progressively challenged.

Immediate and relevant feedback

Relevant feedback and individual scoring will let your professionals know where they stand, what they’ve mastered, and what they still need to work on, customizing the overall learning experience and making it more efficient.

Gaming interface

Many of the features that make gaming, so appealing are built into Simutech’s simulations, such as scoring, instant feedback, and progressive levels of difficulty.

Realistic situations

Employees gain hands-on experience solving realistic electrical faults common in industrial machinery, preparing them for real world troubleshooting.

Better learning experience

When the learning environment is enjoyable, the level of engagement is higher, leading to increased knowledge retention.

Quantifiable training

Our simulations generate, track, analyze, and report on valuable training data that can be used to improve your team’s performance, or for employee assessment.

Scoring system

The point system for scoring troubleshooting performance has proven effective in helping learners measure their success and achievements.

Freedom to fail

Failure is an essential part of learning; Simutech’s realistic simulations allow for experimentation and trial and error, giving users the freedom to learn from their mistakes safely.

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