Troubleshooting Electrical Circuits (TEC)

Develop the skills required to safely diagnose all types of circuit malfunctions.

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Learn a proven troubleshooting process with Simutech’s 5-Step Systematic Troubleshooting Approach


Develop and refine troubleshooting skills with a variety of faults, providing hours of hands-on learning


Master effective testing methods and techniques for safely finding opens and shorts in electrical circuits

The simulations

4 instructional circuit simulations teach students how to find faults using a multimeter and apply these proven techniques.
The main lighting circuit simulation contains components typically found in electrical circuits, including fuses, push buttons, switches, relays, wiring, and lights.

Activities include:

  • Lockout/tag-out the circuit
  • Take voltage and resistance readings with a multimeter
  • Repair and replace electrical components
  • Disconnect and ring out wires
  • Trace and replace wires

Added benefits:

  • Demonstrations, hands-on labs, and continuous performance measurement 
  • Step-by-step guides help users apply new problem-solving techniques to find and repair faults 
  • Printable resources including circuit diagrams, schematics, and worksheets

Designed for:

  • Electrical, maintenance and manufacturing workers
  • Skills that are directly transferable to the workplace
  • Worldwide use: simulations on resources provided for NEMA standards

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Troubleshooting Electrical Circuits Features

“In the end, when I finished the training, I understood how to better manage a larger problem through a forced methodology of documenting what I tested, why, my readings and conclusions on the worksheet, as well as the flowchart.”

Jeremy Bujak, Troubleshooting Electrical Controls review

“We have found that once a student completes the virtual troubleshooting avenue and progresses to the hands-on portion, less instruction is necessary to achieve the necessary results of understanding and safe practices.”

David L. Acting Training Director, Hawaii Electricians Training Fund

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