Troubleshooting Control Circuits (TCC)

Diagnose malfunctions in electro-mechanical control circuit simulations containing relays, transformers, switches, solenoids and more in this electrical troubleshooting software

Troubleshooting Control Circuits Features

Lab exercises

Guided faults

Practice faults

Skill testing faults

Extra faults

Genius faults

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“Everyone I have put on this set of programs, from managers on down, find it to be one of the best training tools we could latch onto.”

Dennis G.

Technical Operations Manager, Elite Line Services

The simulations

Apply Simutech’s Systematic Troubleshooting Approach to a pair of circuit simulations. The simulations contain over 50 circuit malfunctions to solve with faults containing:

  • Broken wires and loose connections
  • Wires shorted to ground
  • Defective components

Refine the technique by practicing how to:

  • Use the multimeter to take voltage, resistance and current readings
  • Take voltage and resistance readings with a multimeter
  • Repair and replace electrical components
  • Disconnect and ring out wires
  • Trace and replace wires
The simulations
Added benefits

Added benefits

  • Challenges all expertise levels with multiple degrees of fault difficulty in each simulation
  • Demonstrations, hands-on labs and continuous performance measurement
  • Step-by-step guides help users apply new problem solving techniques to solve faults
  • Printable resources including circuit diagrams, schematics and worksheets
  • Extra and Genius Faults available for skill maintenance

Designed for…

  • Anyone who needs to maintain and troubleshoot electrical equipment
  • Use in a classroom or self-study learning
  • Learning skills that are directly transferrable to the workplace
  • Worldwide use: simulations on resources provided for NEMA and IEC electrical standards

To get the most out of this program, users should have a basic knowledge of electrical theory and should have completed the Troubleshooting Electrical Circuits program.

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