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G’day, Troubleshooters! Thanks for tuning in to TST. Today on Troubleshooting Thursdays, we’re wrapping up our 10-part series on what you should be looking for in a training program when you’re trying to choose between a few potential solutions.

We have a fair bit of experience in this area—over 20 years’ worth—and over the past 10 weeks or so we’ve been sharing some of our insights with those of you who may be in charge of finding a training program for your organization. It’s a big investment, so you’ll need to investigate your options thoroughly. There are a lot of things to consider!

If you’ve just stumbled upon us, you can see Part 1 of this series here.  We began with a list of the Top 11 things you absolutely need to think about when you’re evaluating a potential training solution, and then we went through each of the items in depth (value, professional development opportunities, ease of implementation and access, proven track record, completeness, scalability, varying degrees of difficulty,  ease of procurement, focus on safety, and measurable learning.)

Today we’re looking at the last item on the list: support. There are three important kinds of help you should be getting from your training solution provider: tech support, administrative support, and Human Resources support.

Tech Support

It’s possible that you may be looking at low-tech training options, with nothing more complicated than training manuals and videos. In that case, you’re not likely to require tech support. Pop in a DVD and off you go. However, training (like everything else in modern life) more and more involves computers and software, and can require a certain expertise to install and implement.

Be sure to find out what’s involved in implementing the training program. Ask the vendor if they will help you with implementation if you can’t do it yourself, and whether they offer follow-up tech support if you need it. Is the support just a list of FAQs on a website? Or can you speak to a real person? How likely is your vendor to be able to help you in an emergency?

Admin Support

The next thing to find out is, how much administrative support does the training solution provide? Administrators can find themselves totally bogged down in the day-to-day management of the course and trainees, which limits the number of people that can be trained at any one time. For companies that need to get large waves of new hires trained quickly, administrators can be the bottlenecks holding everyone else up.

Whether your program will be administered by a full-time Director of Technical Training, or run by the plant manager, administrator time represents a large part of training costs. Computer-based programs can offer some admin assistance, but even if a training program is computer-based, it’s critical to consider how much support it offers administrators.

For instance, what kind of time-saving features does it include for admins and instructors? Is there automatic student registration and other features to make student management easier? Can new licences be added quickly and easily? Are program updates automatic, or do they have to be done manually? Are all of these features scalable, so the admin’s workload doesn’t grow with each additional trainee? Does the program offer analytics so that admins can track trainee performance quickly and easily?  How easy is contract renewal? Will your admin be alerted before updates are required?

Human Resources Support

Every instructor has felt the frustration of trying to train students with no aptitude for the material. Maybe it can be done, but it’s going to take a lot longer, and it often doesn’t work out. Chances are that student just wasn’t right for this job, and it would have been better for everyone if they had not been hired. They get frustrated and leave, or they have to be let go. And then the search begins all over again, and all that training and HR time has been wasted.

What if there was a way to help HR staff sift through the job applicants and quickly find those with natural ability? Well, there is. Training software can come in handy before training ever begins to vet potential new recruits. Ask your vendor if their software can be used to generate custom tests that can test job applicants for natural talent.

Simutech Multimedia

The Simutech Admin Portal (Course Manager) is a one-stop learning management system that lets admins and instructors easily manage, evaluate, track, and assess trainees, giving them convenient access and a range of time-saving options for managing individuals and groups.

The Admin Portal handles admin details from student registration right through to issuing customized certificates upon completion of training. It provides admins with performance-based measurements, detailed fault evaluations, at-a-glance progress reports, and a wide variety of other reports to help them assess student performance and pinpoint areas in need of improvement.

Simutech Multimedia offers real human tech support when you need it. It also provides admins and HR staff the ability to create custom tests that can be used in the hiring process to test job applicants.


“Thank you effusively for all your detailed explanations, help, and professional advice. The programs work perfectly…This is the best technical and customer service that I’ve ever experienced!”

—Kenny D.
Kangan Institute

There you go, Troubleshooters! That’s a wrap for this series on what to look for in a training solution. We hope this has helped you in your search!

Tune in to TST again next week, when we look at how gamification of training software increases motivation and improves learning.

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