Efficient troubleshooting

There are two basic approaches to troubleshooting: trial and error and the systematic approach.

The trial and error approach is based on hunches and presumptions and is generally random in nature. Guessing at the diagnosis, replacing components that you think may be faulty can be both time consuming and expensive as this approach rarely works on the first or even second attempt, making this approach ineffective.

The systematic approach is a logical, step-by-step approach that applies a consistent framework or methodology to the diagnostic process. Implementing Simutech’s 5-Step Systematic Approach will not only streamline the process; it will generate consistent and optimum results allowing users to quickly diagnose and resolve electrical issues quickly and safely.

If you are going to troubleshoot in a fast and efficient manner, Simutech’s 5-Step Systematic Approach is definitely the one to adopt.

5 Step Approach

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet: Simutech’s 5-Step Systematic Approach

Electrical faults can be challenging to fix when only the issue or fault presents itself. A methodical approach creates a more effective practice and ultimately improves the troubleshooting process as well. This allows practitioners to systematically and confidently determine the source the fault in a safe, practical, cost-effective manner.

Thoughtfully implementing these 5 steps into your troubleshooting process WILL make you a better troubleshooter (it’s all about practicing the approach–try it–download a demo). This is your ultimate cheat sheet to effective electrical troubleshooting:


Gather information, use your senses and list observations.


Eliminate areas of the circuit that are working properly.


Include every component in the problem area when identifying all possible causes of the malfunction.


Focus on the probability of which components may have failed, then prioritize accordingly.


Test your diagnosis, repair the fault and double check to ensure that the repair was successful.

Simutech’s 5-Step Systematic Approach is the keystone for all of its Troubleshooting Skills Training System™ courses and for each and every one of its simulations. This process has been tested and proven again and again—employing this approach means that you will reduce downtime, cut repair costs, reduce accidents and injuries!

Remove the guesswork. Master Simutech’s 5-Step Systematic Approach, and better diagnose and resolve electrical issues quickly and safely.

What Instructors Think of Simutech’s Troubleshooting Skills and 5-Step Systematic Approach

“…. It really helps my students improve their troubleshooting skills…”
– Thomas B. M., Professor

“Your products [Troubleshooting Skills Training System] have certainly played a part in our success. I have had many graduates stop by and talk about how their learned troubleshooting skills have helped them get hired or get promoted.”
– Jim R., Electrical Program Director

“Overall, it seems as if the software was created to satisfy the challenges and troubleshooting objectives of my training environment. Because the student is required to find and fix the fault in a sufficient amount of time, and sometimes with minimal repairs, they are almost forced to master a troubleshooting procedure which I am sure will be beneficial throughout their career. In my opinion, this challenge keeps the students engaged and excited while utilizing the software.”
– Kevin B., Instructor

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