[Transcription] Hi everyone, my name is Samer Forzley, I’m the CEO of Simutech Multimedia, and I’m excited today to talk to you about a recent trip to Florida, for the Food Automation and Manufacturing Show 2018. 

It was a great opportunity for us to meet some of Simutech Multimedia’s customers face-to-face, and to learn more about the manufacturing industry. During the show, we got to spend some time and learn about some of the concerns that are facing manufacturers these days. My takeaway from it is that there are two top issues that they’re facing. 

The first one is ‘Output’. So the factories are as they are, they’re not going to keep expanding them, it’s very expensive to do so. And what the manufacturers are looking for, is a way to produce more out of the existing capacity they have, but also being able to be flexible and increase output. And so that requires automation, that requires programmable logic controllers or PLC’s and things like that. 

The second big topic which touches on that as well, quite related is the ‘Skills Gap’. We heard about the skills gap all week. The skills gap is about people retiring, those who are into trades within two years of retirement, about 70% of them are at that stage. And new people who are being replaced, they’re new grads, they don’t come equipped with the skills required to maintain these machines, and keep the assembly lines rolling. 

So, those two issues are quite related, directly impact manufacturing output, and impact downtime — both of these are directly affected by PLCs. For us, hearing this at the Food Automation and Manufacturing Show was very exciting, because when we talk to our partners like; Tyson and Bimbo, and so on, that’s exactly the problem our products solve. Where we give a simulation-based software to train maintenance staff, to get on the line and learn how to troubleshoot, learn how to fix different components, whether they’re relays, whether they’re fuses, but more complex things like PLC’s, where you’re learning how to program them, how to look at the ladders and so on. 

So we’re trying to post that skills gap by giving a safe, simulation-based environment and that helps manufacturers produce more, and get more flexibility to other lines, but also close that skills gap. 

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