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How do I access the Simutech Training System?
Once you are enrolled, your Account Manager will contact you to give you all the information you need.
What are the recommended system requirements for the Simutech Training System?

We recommend the following specifications: Windows 10 or Mac OS; i5 with external graphics card; 8 GB RAM; 1920 x 1080 display; Chrome, Firefox or new Microsoft Edge with Chrome; 10Mbps down, 5Mbps up reliable continuous Internet; Internet ping times < of 25 ms.

Which web browsers does the Simutech Training System support?
The Simutech Training System is supported by Chrome or Firefox web browsers.
What are the minimum system requirements for the Simutech Training System?

The minimum system requirements are the following specifications: Windows 10; i5 with U620 Intel graphics; 8GB RAM; 1366 x 768 display; Chrome, Firefox or new Microsoft Edge with Chrome; 5Mbps down, 1Mbps up reliable continuous internet; Internet ping times of < 50 ms.

Are your simulations computer-based?

Yes! Our simulations are computer-based and are an essential part of our training system. You can access them anytime, anywhere from a laptop or desktop. For more details about our product, please contact us at [email protected].

Do I need to download or install any software to use the Simutech Training System Online?
Not at all! It is accessible by browser so you don’t have to download or install anything.
Is the Simutech Training System used in my industry?
Very likely. The Simutech Training System has been used by more than 500 companies in the food and beverage, automotive, oil and gas, and plastics and packaging industries.


Can I try the Simutech Training System before purchasing a license?

Sure! We can show you how the system works in a demo session. Please request it here: DEMO

Can I try the Learning Labs?
During the demo session, you’ll see both the Troubleshooting Simulations and the Learning Labs. Please request your DEMO
Can I get a demo for the core product?

Of course! You can book the demo session here: DEMO

Are there any prerequisites for using the Demo?
Not at all! The Simutech Training System is suitable for everyone, from beginners to experts.


How can I purchase the Simutech Training System?
Please contact us at +1-866-942-9082 or [email protected] and we’ll help you determine which package best meets your needs.
How does pricing work?
For more information about pricing, please contact us at +1-866-942-9082 or [email protected].
Can I get only the simulations modules?
Not at this time. The simulations modules are a carefully integrated part of the overall Simutech Training System, and work within the complete training platform to ensure troubleshooting success. To learn more about the Simutech Training System, please contact us [email protected].
Can I purchase the license online?
Unfortunately, you can not purchase online. Please contact us at [email protected].
What are the primary differences between Core and Full bundle licenses?
The difference is the content included in each one (i.e., Core Skills or Core Skills + Advanced Skills). For more information about the topics included in each license, please contact us [email protected].


How do I request Simutech Training System support?
Please contact us[email protected].
What support options are available?
We provide email, phone, and personal support. If you have any questions, please contact us at[email protected].
Is support included with my purchase?
Yes, support is included 24/7. If you have any questions please contact[email protected].
Whom should I contact with questions?
Please contact us at +1-866-942-9082 or [email protected].


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