Simutech Multimedia has just published a new case study with PBBS Equipment Corp. that encapsulates both the workforce challenges businesses are facing and how they can overcome the skills gap with simulation training.

Since 1955, PBBS has serviced industrial boilers at facilities around the north-central US. But recently the company found itself caught in the double skills gap —having an aging workforce servicing more technologically advanced boilers while struggling to find skilled applicants from a younger generation labor pool.

PBBS’s story is a common one for technical businesses and perfectly illustrates the skilled-labor shortage. However, the company decided to take a proactive approach to solve the issue; the company turned to simulation training.

Tom Hantke, Director of Safety and Technical Training for PBBS Equipment, found Simutech Multimedia while searching for a better solution to teach troubleshooting electrical faults.

He immediately liked that the training could be done online, which allows his service techs to learn anywhere. Hantke also liked the realistic look and feel of the Simutech Multimedia training tools, including the incorporation of using a meter and testing relays.

To read the entire case study, please view it here.

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