Simutech Multimedia’s Troubleshooting Simulations immerse your professionals in a deep learning environment where they can practice the skills required for troubleshooting electrical faults in industrial machinery. Each simulation is based on a real-world scenario, offering a wide variety of practice faults for the learner to explore and solve. Adaptive learning adjusts material to match the user’s skill level and provides extra guidance when needed.

Simutech Troubleshooting Simulations apply game thinking in a non-game context. Instant feedback, scoring, and progression to increasingly challenging levels of difficulty are all features that inspire and motivate learners, keeping them actively engaged in the learning process.



Troubleshooting Programmable Logic Controls (PLC) - Coming Soon


Troubleshooting Industrial Controls (TIC) - Coming Soon


Troubleshooting Industrial Sensors (TIS) - Coming Soon


Troubleshooting Industrial Controls 2 (TIC2) - Coming Soon


Adaptive Learning

Simulations assess the user’s skill levels and customize the program, so the user is progressively challenged

Gaming Interface

Many of the features that make gaming, so appealing are built into Simutech’s simulations, such as scoring, instant feedback, and progressive levels of difficulty

Better Learning Experience

When the learning environment is enjoyable, the level of engagement is higher, leading to increased knowledge retention

Scoring System

The point system for scoring troubleshooting performance has proven effective in helping learners measure their success and achievements

Realistic Situations

Employees gain hands-on experience solving realistic electrical faults common in industrial machinery, preparing them for real world troubleshooting

Immediate and Relevant Feedback

The key advantage of Learning Labs is that modules can be accessed anytime, anywhere from a laptop or desktop

Quantifiable Training

Our simulations generate, track, analyze, and report on valuable training data that can be used to improve your team’s performance, or for employee assessment

Freedom to Fail

Failure is an essential part of learning; Simutech’s realistic simulations allow for experimentation and to determine which methods are best, giving users the freedom to learn from their mistakes safely

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