Simutech Training System

Beat the skills gap and develop the workforce you need.

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The Simutech Training System is a suite of award-winning simulation products that gives manufacturers in the food and beverage, automotive, oil and gas, and plastics and packaging industries the ability to train their maintenance teams, reduce production-line downtime, and cultivate a workforce with the skills they need.

Develop your workforce, transform your maintenance staff to troubleshooting pros and exceed your production goals.

The Simutech Multimedia Ecosystem

The Simutech Training System is a complete ecosystem consisting of six simulation-based electrical troubleshooting training modules plus the Admin Portal. The interactive modules cover core and advanced electrical troubleshooting of circuits, PLCs, and industrial controls widely used in manufacturing equipment.

Your maintenance professionals will learn how to diagnose and repair electrical faults in complex production machinery quickly, effectively, and safely, ensuring the smooth automation of your production output.

Simutech Admin Portal

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Simutech Admin Portal

Data to inform your decisions, and more.

Our cloud-based Simutech Admin Portal gives administrators the big picture. They can monitor trainee progress, create Assessments (previously known as Custom Tests), and access data and stats from anywhere.  

The data will show who’s ready to go live and who still needs more practice, giving valuable insights to drive decision-making.

Achieve cost savings and other efficiencies by deploying talented staff where it counts.

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The power of simulation

Cost-effective, engaging, safe.

Interactive, hands-on computer simulation training is:

  • Far more cost-effective than a physical simulator
  • More engaging than lecture-style delivery of content; engaged learners retain knowledge better
  • A realistic yet totally safe environment for novices to learn how to deal with dangerous electrical current
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Why Simutech Multimedia?

A Complete Solution

The Simutech Training System:

  • Covers an extensive variety of equipment used in manufacturing
  • Develops practical skills to safely troubleshoot electrical equipment and systems containing Programmable Logic Controllers
  • Ensures your valuable staff are highly developed and knowledgeable about their job
  • Boosts your bottom line by reducing production downtime
  • Helps you meet your output goals
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“Everyone I have put on this set of programs, from managers on down, find it to be one of the best training tools we could latch onto.”

Dennis G. Technical Operations Manager, Elite Line Services

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