We recently published two blog posts relating to LMS’s. In the first we talked about the power of LMS’s and their ability to simplify user learning and allow managers to deploy and monitor user progress. In the second blog post we discussed the limitation of LMS’s when it comes to reporting that SCORM-compliant LMSs provide to the managers.

In most instances SCORM level data is sufficient. As a manager, you want to know if the learner is progressing in their training and want to make sure that the user is getting an acceptable result. That is adequate when the user is going through typical eLearning classes.

However, when it comes to Simulation training, we have seen through years of past experience that this level of reporting is not sufficient and does not allow you to drill down to understand how well users are really doing.

What’s included in Simutech Multimedia’s Reporting Module

When it comes to learning electrical troubleshooting, you really want to know if the user is practicing good safety protocols, replacing the right parts, is efficient in their troubleshooting, and more. That is why we have developed additional reporting capabilities that complement your LMS and give you a fuller picture of where your trainees are at.

Our reporting module starts by giving the admin overall data about their organization. It covers important things like total hours trained, number of faults solved, and active users. It also provides a similar report on per module or per user view.

For example, if we wanted to take a close look at the data from the Troubleshooting Electrical Circuits module, we can drill down and see several interesting and useful states: that 15 of our 22 users are training in that module, that collectively they have spent 103 hours, and that they’ve solved 49 faults. Additional data tells us that their overall safety rating is at 19%, which indicates that a significant amount of their attempted faults came with some sort of safety violation, and as a result their score has been knocked down to 19%. That kind of information is invaluable to your factory or plant.

Taking a look at the accuracy and efficiency rates, 21% and 12% respectively, these tell us that while the team is quick to solve some faults, it comes at the expense of parts that got changed for no reason, causing loss in labor and money. Something to keep an eye out for.

If we want to better understand the data at the individual level, we can further drill down and see what the report shows us. You can run a report that shows which users have progressed further in the training and what their individual scores are. In looking at this specific user below, we can see that this person had a safety rating of 48%, which means the user has a moderate understanding of safety rules, such as lock out/tag out procedure, or has attempted to work with a live wire on occasion when they are not supposed to. As shown by the hard data, this trainee is a moderate safety risk.

This type of detailed reporting about the successes and failure of a user, and the intricacies of how they behave during a troubleshooting session, helps the maintenance managers who use Simutech focus on those who need added help, and recognizes the work of those who complete their work efficiently and safely.

To put our reporting module in your tool box, contact Simutech today at sales@simutechmultimedia.com 

The video below shows Simutech Multimedia’s Reporting Module in action.


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