Simutech Multimedia’s new platform aims to meet Industry 4.0’s fast-growing expectations

Today, we at Simutech Multimedia are happy to announce the first vital step in our business strategy to meet the manufacturing requirements of Industry 4.0. To provide a better experience for our clients, we will be moving our services to a new and radically improved platform. We could not be more excited!

This first breaking change in our solution will pave the way for the incorporation of 3D, virtual reality and AI technologies, along with upcoming additions of new titles, in our platform. 

This shift will also allow us to sharpen our focus on growing the core modules of our Simutech Training System and prioritizing the user experience.  

What this means for our users:  

Enhanced user experience 
Users across the board will soon have access to our new design and enhanced look and feel. We’ve included all of our great core modules and combined that with an even better user experience—packaged to help you accomplish all of your training goals.   

Frequent updates on modules and new faults
Get updated modules and fresh faults delivered directly to you. Users will gain access to all updates and faults as soon as they are released, at no extra charge.  

Advanced reporting features
Specially designed for larger teams, our reporting features will allow administrators to manage and customize training, assess skill level​ and track the progress of maintenance staff. 

Easily accessible from anywhere at any time
Whether your company trains staff locally or across the globe, our entire solution will now be accessible anywhere at any time. (Note: all of our modules are also available in Spanish).  

This development is significant for Simutech Multimedia and we believe it will serve our users more effectively. If you would like to know more about our simulation-based troubleshooting training solution, or if you have questions about our product, feel free to contact us at [email protected] or 1-866-942-9082. 

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