With PACK EXPO 2019 coming up in September, we sat down with Samer Forzley, the CEO of Simutech Multimedia, to get the lowdown on what attendees can expect at the show.

Simutech Multimedia is headed back to PACK EXPO. Why is that?

We went last year for the first time. It was in Chicago. One of the largest segments that we service, for sure, is the packaging industry along with the food industry, and we wanted to experience what that show can provide for us. We had great success at the show. We met a lot of our clients there.

We also got to learn what are the latest technologies that packaging manufacturers are actually going out and bringing to the factory floor. We got to learn a lot about the customers and what they’re facing. So, it was a good learning experience for us. But it was also a great experience for us to connect with our customer base and be in touch face-to-face.

What do you hope to accomplish this year?

We have a bunch of customers attending PACK EXPO, and we will schedule time to have conversations with them and see how we can help them further. There is always new technologies featured at the show that we can learn from, and so we have a full contingent of staff going who will either be at the booth and meet customers or meet other exhibitors and learn about their technologies or attend sessions and learn what the state of affairs are in the industry and how we can help the industry.

Are there any Simutech Multimedia announcements planned for PACK EXPO 2019?

Last year we did and this year we are likely to announce again. We have a couple of new products that are rolling out. We are working hard on VFDs that we are hoping to have done in time for the show and announcing it there. We’ve also been working a lot on 3D and delivering 3D experiences to our customers easier, better, faster, and so we may likely have an announcement regarding our 3D environment as well. So, there are a couple of big projects that are in the works like now and are likely to be done in time, and we will hopefully be announcing one of them at the show.

Who attends this show?

So, PACK EXPO is more for the packaging industry. But the cool thing about it is that it is such a large event. It brings in an international audience. So, we met with people from China, from Germany, from Japan, and all over Europe last year, but also our North American customers and partners were there. The great thing about it is that you meet everyone from maintenance managers all the way up to VPs who are evaluating overall strategies for their organizations. It allows us to have conversations at different levels of the organization, but also globally in a way. It’s a great conference for that because it allows you to achieve a lot in one spot.

Is there anything in particular you’re looking forward to?

We’re always looking forward to meeting our customers again and continuing to build relationships with them and meeting new ones, of course. But also, we’re looking forward to being at the show and announcing something new and exciting, so we’re working hard towards that.

Any last thoughts; any last words?

Shortly after PACK EXPO we will be at the Canadian Manufacturing and Technology Show in Toronto where we will be speaking about how 3D in games can help develop the next generation of maintenance professionals. Right after that we will actually be at Process Expo in October in Chicago and speaking there as well. We’re looking forward to those events.

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