Sometimes, we get requests for the Troubleshooting Skills Training System answers to the skill testing faults. Sometimes, people get stuck on a fault and request some help.

We get it. It can be frustrating to learn a new methods, process and skills.

Daniel Coyle, author of the Talent Code, has coined the phrase ‘deep practice’. Deep practice, which closely resembles Anders Ericsson’s deliberate practice, is a method of learning or attentive practicing in order to master a skill.

Coyle believes that your learning ability goes up ten-fold when making mistakes while learning and actually struggling through a task. Check out this quick video (1:24 minutes) where Coyle talks about the struggle when learning:

Make sense? This is what Simutech’s Troubleshooting Skills Training System does. That being said, we do understand that it can be challenging and we want to help you master the skill of electrical troubleshooting the best way we know how.

When you are feeling challenged with a fault, there are few things you can do to help you solve the issue. Check out these six tips to help you when you are stuck on a fault. And, while you’re working on a fault, it’s always handy to have Simutech’s 5-Step Systematic Approach to guide you through the process.

The key to mastering the skill of electrical troubleshooting and to solving the faults is by systematically working through the system modules and using Simutech’s Systematic Approach to do so.

It’s true.

Unfortunately, we can’t post the Simutech electrical troubleshooting answers online. But, if you utilize the help features and the guided faults within each of the modules, we are confident that your practice will turn you into an expert troubleshooter in no time at all.

Tell us about your challenges, how did you resolve them?

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