Simutech Admin Dashboard (Course Manager)

Manage your participants’ Troubleshooting Skills development with the Simutech Admin Dashboard.
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Manage all of your participants with comprehensive user management


Evaluate specific skills by creating and circulating customized tests


Track participant progress with individual and group evaluations


Assess development and identify areas for improvement through the detailed reports

Michelin Tire

“The software is working out great. It’s worth making sure that our new maintenance people go through the programs and now it’s going to be a mandatory part of their training. I’ve seen the difference in the few people I’ve run through. The more practice I can get these new troubleshooters the better.”

Dana M. Michelin Tire

Why use the SCM?

With Simutech’s Course Manager (SCM), instructors can manage the troubleshooting learning experience for as few as five students through to the largest groups and all sizes of groups in between.

Providing administrators and instructors with convenient access and control, the Simutech Course Manager handles student registration and helps administer groups.

From registration through to issuing of a customized certificate of completion, the Simutech Course Manager is a unique, one-stop learning management system that provides performance-based measurement of a skill that industry demands.

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Why use the SCM
SCM benefits

SCM benefits

  • Take advantage of a range of time saving options to easily manage individual user accounts and student groups
  • Rely on the Custom Test Creation Wizard to test students’ skills tackling specific troubleshooting problems
  • Track the progress of individuals using level and program summaries, detailed fault evaluations and at-a-glance progress reports
  • Generate, print, and export a wide variety of reports to assess student performance and pinpoint areas in need of improvement

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