In the webinar entitled Get Gamified: Unveiling the All-New Simutech Training System, Simutech Multimedia CEO Samer Forzley presented new manufacturing training products to be released in the near future, including 3D-simulation training tools.

“Moving forward, we are starting to build everything in 3D,” said Forzley. “Eventually, all of our existing modules will be converted into this 3D world.”

The new versions will provide a more immersive experience for those learning how to troubleshoot electrical maintenance problems. Trainees will be able to look around and notice if there is water on the floor or other observations important for the development of critical thinking skills of manufacturing staff.

“The scenes are more comprehensive and because of that you can do more faults, activities and more learning,” he said.

Also covered in the presentation was a tour of the all-new Simutech Training System, which is the new platform, available now, used to train the manufacturing industry. The 23-year-old company has been providing excellence in training maintenance staff in more than 500 global companies. The software is simulation-based and includes 300-plus scenarios to help plant staff develop critical-thinking skills when troubleshooting problems. The software also provides management tools to assess and monitor workers’ training performance.

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