Serious games might be a new concept to some, but Sue Bohle saw its potential more than a decade ago. She is executive director of the Serious Games Association and produces the Serious Play Conference, which gathers both those who create serious games and simulations and those who implement them.  One of the speakers tapped to speak at both the events this year is Simutech Multimedia CEO Samer Forzley.

The tremendous growth and potential of serious games in education and training programs is rapidly climbing. According to the industry analyst firm Metaari, revenue from programs based on hands on, experiential learning known as serious games hit $3.5 billion in 2018 and is predicted to grow to more than $17 billion by 2023.

The potential of using video game technology and gamification methods is just beginning in workforce development for the manufacturing industry. However, as Randstad noted in its whitepaper on how technology impacts the workplace, Simutech Multimedia is leading the way in the industry.

To hear more about the future of serious games being used in manufacturing and the impact it will have, be sure to attend Samer Forzley’s presentation at the Serious Play Conference either this week in Montreal or later this month in Florida!

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