We are thrilled that our CEO Samer Forzley has been asked to speak at not just one, but TWO of the Serious Play Conferences this summer!

Now in its 11th year, the Serious Play Conference brings together both those who create serious games/simulations and those who implement game-based learning programs. The speakers at the leadership conference are the most experienced developers and designers in the industry, the top academic researchers and senior program heads from education, corporate, healthcare, government/military, museums and other emerging areas.

Our CEO is honored that he’ll be addressing both Serious Play Conference crowds in Montreal on July 11th and Orlando, Florida on July 25. But his message is an important one at this time when the manufacturing industry continues to struggle to attract and retain skilled next-gen workers. As the plant floor becomes increasingly automated, the number of skilled laborers will continue to tighten and exacerbate the skills gap problem.

Simutech Multimedia believes the best way to solve this problem is train people now with immersive and effective training programs that incorporate 3D simulation and gamification techniques. If you are going to either conference, please let us know!

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