What do secret dungeons and our Troubleshooting Control Circuits module have in common? Read more to find out!

As promised, with most new versions of Simutech Multimedia’s Troubleshooting Skills Training System comes a flurry of fresh updates and features. Some of them immediately transform the way you learn to troubleshoot, while others run quietly in the background ensuring you have the best possible experience while using our simulation-based training program.

With the release of Version 6.1, we’ve included a third kind, and we couldn’t be more excited! “What is this third kind?” you may be asking.

The answer: secret levels, with hidden faults just out of reach, waiting for you to discover and solve!

Troubleshooting Control Circuits module

A look at the secret dungeon hidden in the TCC module.

We’ve added 4 brand new faults to our Troubleshooting Control Circuits module, all of them designed to test your troubleshooting prowess. Some of these faults may even require you to descend into the secret dungeon!

The faults are available to all users and can be unlocked as soon as the core portion of the Troubleshooting Control Circuits module has been completed. All bonus faults are designed to provide additional challenges and focus on specific issues found in most control circuit components.

If you’re the kind of troubleshooter who likes to investigate and problem-solve, only to stumble upon an extra, secret level to explore, these faults were designed for you!

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Note: All changes are included in the Transit Edition only. Enterprise customers are eligible to migrate to this edition. Contact us at: [email protected] to learn more.

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