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Welcome back, Troubleshooters! If you’ve been following Troubleshooting Thursdays over the past months and have found our tips on Troubleshooting Electrical Circuits worthwhile, you know that this is just the beginning!

We have previously discussed the importance of simulation-based troubleshooting training and its effects on production line productivity and reduced downtime, workplace safety, knowledge retention and even muscle memory. We’ve seen how all the high-stakes industries use simulation training to protect their people and equipment.

If you’ve been working through our Thursday tips, you have learned a safe and systematic approach to finding and fixing faults in common electrical circuits. Today on Troubleshooting Thursdays, we want to talk about moving ahead.

There are five more valuable Simutech Multimedia training modules: Troubleshooting Control Circuits, Troubleshooting Motor Circuits, Troubleshooting PLC Circuits, Troubleshooting Industrial Controls, and Troubleshooting Industrial Controls 2.

Each of these modules will further equip you with the skills you need to safely, quickly, and accurately diagnose and repair malfunctions in the electrical equipment found throughout the manufacturing industry.

If you think your organization would benefit from the Troubleshooting Skills Training System, and want to approach your supervisor or manager about initiating it in your workplace, we’ve included a sample letter to your supervisor below to help.

Sample Letter to Supervisor

Dear [Supervisor’s Name],

I recently came across Simutech Multimedia’s Troubleshooting Skills Training SystemTM, a simulation-based electrical troubleshooting training solution that teaches a proven method for systematically, safely, and efficiently diagnosing and repairing electrical faults in manufacturing equipment.

I have heard that it is getting harder and harder to find people with these skills. I have personally already benefited from participating in the first module (Troubleshooting Electrical Circuits), which taught me how to safely diagnose all types of circuit malfunctions. There are five more modules that cover control circuits, motor circuits, PLCs and industrial controls, commonly used in our industry.

Simutech Multimedia’s training solution is used in over 450 companies and 200 schools. I think we should explore running TSTS training at [company/organization]. The benefits to [our company/organization] include:

  • Reduced production line downtime
  • Fewer costly parts replaced unnecessarily
  • Increased productivity
  • Better bottom line
  • Happier customers along the supply chain

This is a great opportunity to equip [company/organization]’s maintenance professionals with a skill set that will make us all more productive.

I urge you to visit www.simutechmultimedia.com to learn more

Thank you for your consideration. I hope we can discuss this further.

There you go, Troubleshooters. We hope you and your entire organization will soon be reaping the benefits of superior troubleshooting skills!

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