Develop and maintain electrical troubleshooting skills that industry demands

Our world-class troubleshooting skills training software system

It’s a common belief that if you understand how something works, you can fix it. However, research says it’s not that simple. Even though knowing how the equipment works is important, there are some elements that also need to be included in the training.

The following 3 elements are what we focus on in the Troubleshooting Skills Training System™:


A systematic approach to circuit diagnostics and techniques


A realistic environment in which to apply the approach and develop skills


Plenty of practice with feedback using simulated systems

The Troubleshooting Skills Training System™ was built around our 5-step systematic approach to electrical troubleshooting. Users first learn the fundamentals of the troubleshooting approach, followed by consistent hands-on practice and skills maintenance using our simulation software. 

Step 1

Observe Behavior

Gather information, use your senses and list observations.
Step 2

Define Problem Area

Eliminate areas of the circuit that are working properly.
Step 3

Identify Possible Causes

Include every component in the problem area when identifying all possible causes of the malfunction.
Step 4


Perform tests to positively identify faulty component.
Step 5

Repair and Confirm

Replace faulty component and check all features to ensure all faults have been repaired.

There is no substitute for learning experiences that occur live and first hand, especially when learning high-risk electrical processes

With over 240 fault simulations in our software that behave like real circuits, it’s easy to get the practice and feedback necessary to develop tactical and effective problem-solving skills.

Guided faults

Walk through the circuits and faults from the perspective of an expert troubleshooter. Use the guided content as a reminder on how to use the tools, how to use the systematic approach in operation, and how to diagnose and repair the fault.

Guided faults
Practice faults

Practice faults

Apply Simutech’s 5-step systematic approach and diagnose faults in a safe environment. The realistic simulations provide instant feedback on actions to aid in the learning process. To prepare for the tests, practice faults are not guided or evaluated.

Skill testing faults

Test your knowledge and apply troubleshooting skills to basic, intermediate and advanced faults. Scores reflect your safety, proficiency and level of accuracy and completion time. Feedback and evaluations are provided for each fault attempt.

Skill testing faults
Bonus faults

Skills maintenance

Extra faults are made available upon successful completion of the skill test faults. They are intended to provide the additional practice required to perfect and maintain your industrial electrical troubleshooting skills.

What’s included in the Troubleshooting Skills Training System™

Our complete training system includes 6 interactive modules with software simulations ranging from basic electrical circuits to systems with PLC controls. With numerous realistic simulations and over 240 fault-finding challenges, it’s easy to learn and maintain a proven troubleshooting process you can use time and time again.

Practice troubleshooting a wide range of problems including opens, shorts, overloads, single-phasing and more! Our course manager makes it painless to track you or your staff’s progress along the way to identify areas in need of improvement.

Core Skills Series

Core Skills Series

The Troubleshooting Skills Training System™ Core Skills Series includes 3 modules that teach you the foundational skills to become a proficient electrical troubleshooter.

Advanced Skills Series

Advanced Skills Series

The Troubleshooting Skills Training System™ Advanced Skills Series includes 3 advanced modules for users who have completed the Core Skills Series.

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