We’ve told you all about our new 3D simulation training tool, Troubleshooting Industrial Sensors (TIS), but the news is about to get more exciting. We’ve updated the software to make the user experience that much better. Like previous Simutech training modules, the TIS instructional simulation allows users to encounter real-world situations in a controlled and safe environment.

So what’s new? 

  • Improved navigation in the greenhouse
  • Updated environmental controls 
  • Improved wiring 
  • Brand-new sounds 
  • Enhanced right-click menu
  • Message opt-outs 
  • Specifications for all components 
  • Calibrate the light and humidity sensors
  • Ability to replace all components, including wires
  • Adjustable overload settings 
  • Louvers repair functions 
  • Help system implemented
  • Options menu to change screen resolution

Stay tuned for more updates in the upcoming weeks.

Still deciding if this software is the right training tool? The software is designed to help users understand analog inputs, increase troubleshooting efficiency, and decrease downtime all in a safe and fun environment. Get a taste of the software with a free demo!

About Simutech Multimedia
Since 1995, Simutech Multimedia has helped over 500 global manufacturing companies and 200 schools onboard electrical maintenance staff, in a safe, software-based environment. Using a proven systematic method, their simulation software has helped these companies hire and train maintenance staff faster—leading to increased safety, lower rates of injury and reduced downtime on the factory floor.

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