The art of troubleshooting electrical systems has the capacity to save lives

Arc flashes are a rapid release of energy due to an arcing fault between phase to phase, or phase to ground contact or phase to ground contact.

The statistics are out there, they indicate that the most common cause of arc flash accidents is human error. It’s estimated that there are 3,000 arc flash incidents per year. That’s 10 incidents every day with up to two fatalities a day! That adds up to an awful lot of deaths due to human error. Can this be avoided?

Interestingly, it’s not the level of experience an individual has, rather, these accidents most often occur because one of two reasons:

  1. The individual is distracted while performing energized work; and
  2. Failure to use an insulated tool.

If these numbers aren’t spectacular enough, consider this:

The combination of a workplace injury and equipment downtime can cost as much as $8 to 10 million dollars per injury. That’s right, $8 to 10 million dollars per injury

In order to save lives, injuries and dollars, it’s about improving safety in the workplace. It’s implementing safety initiatives, conducting electrical distribution studies, ensuring that your team has personal protective equipment and of course, training.

Interestingly enough, very few training programs offer a solid troubleshooting approach, and it’s in this troubleshooting phase where many electricians are working with live equipment to diagnose and fix issues.

Simutech Multimedia has developed a program called the Troubleshooting Skills Training System that focuses on a 5-step systematic approach to troubleshooting. The system features six courses and offers more than 240 troubleshooting faults for users to learn and hone their skills on. Geared for anyone working in the electrical industry, both beginners and experienced journeymen will find challenges within each of the courses.

The courses can be purchased individually, or in bundles. They are also offered to individuals, schools, and businesses. The system features a course manager for schools and businesses who need to keep track of where users are at in the process. The system can also be purchased in an enterprise format for computer labs, or for distance learning, its cloud-based Transit edition.

Back to why this will reduce the number of injuries–quite simply it’s about the 5-step systematic approach.

This is part of the process for troubleshooting each fault in each course. Like an athlete who practices so often that their moves become second nature, users of the Troubleshooting develop a methodology to troubleshooting that becomes second nature to them.

In simplest of terms, practice really does make perfect. See for yourself, download a free demo today.

What is your experience with arc flashes? Tell us, we’d love to know!

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