Electrical Troubleshooting Training for Plastics and Packaging Manufacturers

Think outside the box—boost your production numbers with our simulation training solution

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Inject some oomph into your output.

Every second your production line is down, you’re losing money. Downtime may even make you miss your output targets.

It’s vital to repair equipment faults ASAP, but people without troubleshooting training waste precious time using trial and error, often replacing expensive parts unnecessarily.

Maintenance professionals with proper training can troubleshoot problems quickly and effectively, ensuring the smooth automation of your production line, so you can reach your output goals.

Simutech Multimedia’s Training System is a complete solution that equips your staff with a proven, systematic method for troubleshooting the electric circuits, control circuits, motor circuits, larger electro-mechanical systems, and programmable logic controllers (PLCs) used in plastics and
packaging manufacturing.

Can’t find trained staff?
Mold your own professionals!

The talent shortage is real:

  • Baby-boomers are retiring from the workforce and taking
    their experience with them.
  • New hires aren’t taught how to troubleshoot electrical faults
    in complex equipment.
  • Even experienced staff can feel overwhelmed by the complex electrical component of modern plant equipment.

If you can’t find them, train them! Simutech Multimedia solutions let you give your professionals the skills they need. TSTS teaches a proven method for quickly, accurately, and safely repairing failures in electro-mechanical circuits used in plastics and packaging assembly line equipment.

Recalibrate your maintenance force with simulation training.

Fine-tune your maintenance professionals’ troubleshooting skills with the Simutech Training System, the leading
simulation-based electrical troubleshooting training system in the industry.

The training modules begin with electrical, control, and motor circuits,
and move on to simulations of larger electro-mechanical systems used
in plastics and packaging manufacturing.

Computer simulation training costs only a fraction of physical
simulation training.

Simulation training is...

  • engaging
  • hands-on
  • completely safe
  • achieves better knowledge retention than classroom
    lectures by talking heads

Trim maintenance inefficiency during uptime.

  • Simulation-based troubleshooting training increases maintenance professionals’ knowledge of how machines work. It also grounds them in industry best practices.
  • Even when you’re not experiencing downtime, sound troubleshooting training benefits your day-to-day proactive maintenance programs, and may even decrease the number downtime incidents.
  • Fewer equipment failures mean less overall collateral damage to machines, so they can continue to work for you.

Put your own stamp on plant reliability.

  • Keep your production line running smoothly and you’ll keep your customers happy further down the supply chain.  
  • TSTS administrators know who the star performers are, so they can be deployed strategically to keep the supply chain moving without a hitch.

Score valuable insights
to inform your decisions.

  • Managers can use the web-based Admin Dashboard
    (Course Manager) to track employees’ progress from
    anywhere, at any time.
  • Make data-driven talent decisions. The numbers
    will show.
    you who’s ready to go live, and who still needs more practice in certain areas.

Simutech Multimedia: A comprehensive training solution right out of the box.

  • Simutech Multimedia’s Training System  includes 6 interactive modules with software simulations ranging from basic electrical circuits to systems with PLC controls. With numerous realistic simulations and over 300 fault-solving challenges, it’s easy for your maintenance professionals to learn and maintain a proven troubleshooting process they can use time and

    time again.

  • Your professionals can practice troubleshooting a wide range of problems, including opens, shorts, overloads, single-phasing, and more! Our Admin Dashboard (Course Manager) makes it painless for managers to track staff’s progress along the way to identify areas
    in need of improvement.

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Reduced downtime, improved plant reliability, and a
safer workplace, all wrapped up in one tidy package.

Reduce your downtime costs and meet your production quotas. Ensure your professionals know what to do the moment the production line goes down.

Keep your supply chain running smoothly and deliver on your promises.

Create a safer workplace with trained staff who know how to prevent accidents and injuries.

Beat the talent shortage and train your own professionals faster—with cost-effective skills training that’s easy to administer.

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