Our CEO, Samer Forzley gives you his key takeaways from PackExpo 2018 (Audio transcription below).

Simutech Multimedia exhibited for the first time at PackExpo 2018 International in Chicago, IL last week. We had an amazing time meeting fellow vendors and potential customers at the show, which had 2,500 exhibitors and 50,000 attendees to be the most comprehensive packaging show of the year in North America.

We learned a lot at the show about the packaging industry and major equipment manufacturers. One of the main key takeaways from PackExpo 2018 we took away from the show was the advanced level of automation in manufacturing. As I walked around the show floor, I saw many vendors with new robotics and equipment offering innovative ways to run production lines. Also, OEMs are paying more attention to how these machines are interacting with humans at the plants.

Another key topic was workforce development in the manufacturing industry. Finding the right staff to work in plants is becoming a huge challenge for manufacturers. Simutech Multimedia plays a key role in this area by providing the industry effective tools to hire and train the next generation of skilled manufacturing workers.

And finally, the third major theme of the show was the increased complexity of running a modern production line. A number of different components, from a simple bolt to a sophisticated robot, have to work together seamlessly to maintain the efficiency of a plant. To achieve more throughput, today’s manufacturing facility requires much data integration.

The lessons we learned from the show help us to understand the challenges the manufacturing industry is facing. We will incorporate these new ideas to enhance our existing modules and help inform the new modules we will be releasing in the near future.

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