Cutting-edge simulation module teaches elevator professionals how to safely and effectively troubleshoot systems specific to the elevator industry.

Ottawa, Canada, October 4, 2018 – Simutech Multimedia Inc., the global leader in simulation-based
electrical troubleshooting training solutions for manufacturing, and the Canadian Elevator Industry
Educational Program (CEIEP), the leading Canadian apprenticeship training program designed to use
assorted teaching aids including text, video and other forms of instructional materials to educate the next generation of elevator technicians, have completed and released a joint product development

As part of this agreement, CEIEP and Simutech Multimedia announced the launch of Troubleshooting
Freight Elevator Doors, a fully simulated module designed to teach new and existing elevator technicians the science of troubleshooting systems specific to the elevator industry through a hands-on and interactive method.

By maximizing the product development talents and resources at both organizations, the release of the
Freight Elevator Door module further enhances Simutech Multimedia’s position in the industrial and
manufacturing arenas, while significantly expanding CEIEP’s ability to provide their apprentices with
leading-edge, simulation-based curriculum specifically developed for the elevator industry.

“We are proud to bring our proven simulation-based troubleshooting process to the elevator industry
through the joint development of the Freight Elevator Door simulation,” says Warren Rhude, CPO of
Simutech Multimedia. “Because safety is a critical component built into all of our modules, the Freight Elevator Door simulation requires elevator mechanics and apprentices to follow strict safety processes while working on elevating devices. Those trained on this module will gain all the skills necessary to safely and effectively troubleshoot complex systems specific to the elevator industry.”

About Simutech Multimedia
Since 1995, Simutech Multimedia has helped over 500 global manufacturing companies and 200 schools onboard electrical maintenance staff, in a safe, software-based environment. Using a proven systematic method, their simulation software has helped these companies hire and train maintenance staff faster—leading to increased safety, lower rates of injury and reduced downtime on the factory floor.

Since its inception in 1967, CEIEP has maintained an educational program that is the standard for the entire elevator industry and prescribes the courses required of a constructor who wishes to advance from apprentice to mechanic. CEIEP offers both required and elective courses to elevator constructors at training sites located all across Canada.

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