In his latest video, CEO Samer Forzley discusses the changing image the public holds about manufacturing. Until recently, and for some it still holds true, people thought of manufacturing jobs as performing dirty work in dark and dingy environments.

Perhaps, those images of plant floors in the early 1900s were still somehow pervading the public’s perception and could possibly be why so many for so long had steered young people away from joining the industry. Many of us in manufacturing knew this was untrue and began to push out a lot of content to try to refute those claims.

As our communications manager Debra Schug has recently written about for Smart Industry, it seems that antiquated perception is starting to change. A recent poll by West Monroe Partners shows younger people in Minnesota now view manufacturing as tech-savvy and tech-forward. This seems to be a positive finding, however, the second part of the same poll shows these respondents believe that automation will replace their jobs, making manufacturing not an attractive career choice for them.

Automation-driven manufacturing also appears to be widening the skills gap, with less and less people having the knowledge and know-how to deal with advanced technology and equipment. That’s where Simutech Multimedia’s simulation software can help. We have products that can help you learn how to troubleshoot and fix a PLC and our latest 3D simulation software that is focused on industrial sensors.

To see more of Samer’s video, please watch it here.


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