This year’s Manufacturing Day is October 4, 2019. The event was created in 2012 by Founding Partners Fabricators and Manufacturers Association and has since gained presidential recognition.

Manufacturing Day is an opportunity to showcase the industry and offers companies a chance to change common misconceptions about manufacturing. In 2018, 275,000 people participated in 3,000 events across North America. If your company hasn’t started planning activities for this year yet, here are a few ideas.

 Ways to Celebrate Manufacturing Day

  1. Bridge the skills gap: American manufacturers are facing a worker shortage. According to the Manufacturing Institute, over the next decade, manufactures will have to fill 4.6 million jobs. Deloitte estimates that 2.4 million manufacturing positions could go unfulfilled between 2018 and 2028.

    Manufacturing Day provides companies  an open-door platform that lets them talk about the job opportunities in the industry and within their workplaces.  It’s there to help manufacturers connect with the future workforce and display the high paying and high-tech careers available.

  2. Promote the importance of the industry: Manufacturing is an integral part of the American economy. American manufacturing comprises  half of all US exports. It added $2.33 trillion to the American gross domestic product of 2018, driving 11.6 percent of the American economic output that year. For every dollar spent into manufacturing, $1.89 is added to business growth in other supporting sectors.

  3. Dispel misperceptions: One-third of Americans wouldn’t encourage their children to pursue a career in manufacturing. Manufacturing Day is a chance to open some minds and change some opinions. Manufacturers have the chance to host students from all ages in their facilities. The Manufacturing Institute found that after last year’s event, 80 percent of attending students became more convinced that manufacturing offers an interesting and rewarding career.

Connecting with the Next Generation

Reconnecting with today’s youth, the future workers of America, is the goal of Manufacturing Day. To host an event, a company can host a tour of either a manufacturing facility, an office, an innovative center or any other site related to manufacturing. Alternatively, a company can also host an event at a manufacturing-support site, such as a software company or design office.

Companies can also participate by hosting a school event about manufacturing, running a manufacturing-related job fair, having a manufacturing-related career day or showcasing a manufacturing product expo. All events must be open to students, parents and/or educators.

Displaying Innovation in Manufacturing

Hosting a Manufacturing Day event can be a great way to talk about how your organization is using new technologies, such as incorporating 3D simulation software in your training program. It’s also a way to highlight manufacturing’s many different and rich career roles, such as an electrical maintenance professional.

 From automation to the IIoT to gamified training software, the nature of manufacturing is changing. Manufacturing Day is an opportunity to demonstrate to a broader audience just how far the industry has come and how it will continue to evolve. 

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