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Troubleshooting Safety is the first Simutech Multimedia learning lab, and for good reason. Before anything else, your professionals will learn crucial electrical safety skills: how to work properly with electricity safely, why safety precautions are so important in daily activities, and the kinds of safety issues that may arise during troubleshooting a piece of equipment.
Simutech’s learning labs provide a realistic simulated lab environment and the tools to learn and practice electrical troubleshooting, plus:
Demonstrations, hands-on labs, and continuous performance measurement
Step-by-step guides to help users apply new problem-solving techniques and corrective action
Printable resources, including circuit diagrams, schematics, and worksheets

What is Covered


This module will teach your professionals the importance of electrical safety, the situations in which shock is possible, and the potential consequences of receiving a shock. It includes relevant information about the dangers of arc flash and the importance of personal protective equipment (PPE).


In this safe, simulated lab environment, your professionals will learn how to lockout, tagout, and live-dead-live test both single and three-phase circuits.



Increased Retention

Hands-on activities dramatically increase knowledge retention.

Increased Safe Practice skills

Learning Labs provide an environment where trainees receive instant notification when safety errors occur.

Increased Engagement

Experiential practice, instant feedback, and adaptive learning serve to keep learners engaged.

Learning Schedule Flexibility

Employees can learn at their own pace, according to their unique learning needs.

Troubleshooting Skill Reinforcement

Practice makes perfect! Extra practice troubleshooting in life-like scenarios ensures learners develop the skills needed before working on live equipment.

Convenient Access

The key advantage of Learning Labs is that modules can be accessed anytime, anywhere from a laptop or desktop.

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