There are a lot of famous people out there that worked as an electrician at one point or another, some you would probably guess, and a few that might surprise you! We want to share this with you, because, we know, everyone needs a little fun trivia for the holiday season!

The “First American”, Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin

Franklin was possibly one of the first electricians in history. He was an inventor, driven to learn and to help the world understand electricity. Franklin’s flying kites in lightning storms led to the use of lightning rods and grounding.

One of the Beatles was an electrician’s apprentice.

George Harrison

George Harrison worked as an electrical apprentice, but he says he kept blowing things up, so he was let go. Good thing for the world as where would the world be without the Beatles?

The King of Rock and Roll was also training to be an electrician.

Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley began training to be an electrician. He famously remarked: “I suppose I got rewired the wrong way round somewhere along the line”. Again, can you imagine the world without Elvis’ music?

Mr. Bean really is a live wire!

Rowan Atkinson

It’s true! Rowan Atkinson, the man behind Mr. Bean has a Master’s degree in electrical engineering from the Queen’s College in Oxford, England.

Psycho, the Birds and all things creepy…

Alfred Hitchcock studied all things electrical having studied engineering in London, England. Where would we be without these classic films had he not moved into movie making?


Albert Einstein

One of Albert Einstein’s first jobs was running cables and hanging lights for his father and uncle at the first ever Oktoberfest to be lit with electric light via a steam generator. Once everything was set up, Albert was asked to wander the fair and make sure all the lights were on.

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