The reality that the manufacturing industry lives in is now one of complexity, uncertainty and many challenges. At the same time that the Covid-19 crisis stretches out, the manufacturing industry still faces the skills gap, recruiting and retention challenges that have not gone away.

On Thursday, July 16, Simutech partnered up with three knowledgeable Industry Leaders to bring insights to help you navigate the manufacturing industry challenges.

Key insights:

  • Covid-19 has disrupted how the industry works, organizations have to rapidly adjust to keep the industry at speed.
  • Training in times of crisis: the crisis hasn’t changed companies’ training plans much; however, how you train and expectations have to be managed.
  • Skills gap:
    • Formal education does not fully prepare the workforce for the industry needs, hands-on training tools bring the practical side of it.
    • Maintenance Skills are developed in house, as not many people come to the organizations with the necessary knowledge.
  • Training:
    • Training must be fun and interactive to keep trainees engaged, this way they will enjoy gaining or enhancing their maintenance skills.
    • Focus on creating a solid foundation or a strong base of knowledge of the electrical troubleshooting to build the skills to the next level.
  • Skills retention: continuously training to retain and enhance skills.
  • Employee retention:
    • The biggest problem is still the retirement of the workforce.
    • Companies’ training programs will have to be enhanced to take the new people to the same skills level as the previous generation.

To get more insights from Charles Ballenger – Maintenance Manager at Tyson Foods, Michael Tippett – Equipment Maintenance Training Specialist at Polar Semiconductor and Lonnie Bailey – Director of Labor Management and Maintenance Training at Pilgrims, watch the full replay to the webinar below:

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