Industries Served by Simutech Multimedia

Simutech Multimedia is the global leader in electrical troubleshooting and repair training solutions. We offer immersive simulations that replicate real electrical component malfunctions your maintenance workers are likely to encounter. The intuitive user interface gives these workers a safe environment to learn and practice the skills they need to keep your facility floor running smoothly.

Our simulations are designed to be broad, making the content applicable to workers from a wide variety of industries.
Some of the industries we serve include:


Automotive manufacturing downtime can cost up to $22,000 a minute. Keep production driving ahead with maintenance workers skilled in troubleshooting motor circuits, industrial controls, and other electrical components.

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Food and Beverage

Food and beverage production often relies on complex electrical equipment. Our troubleshooting courses help workers in food production quickly resolve issues with all major electrical components.

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Oil and Gas

Keep your production moving with a fully trained electrical maintenance team. Through our troubleshooting system and practice in immersive simulations, your team will make quick work of oil and gas equipment malfunctions.

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Plastics and Packaging

Downtime on plastics and packaging plants can cost your company thousands. Our troubleshooting simulations offer a safe environment for maintenance workers to get experience resolving common issues.

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Educational Institutions

Simutech effectively trains educational institutional maintenance professionals through simulation and practice. Our simulations let workers learn by doing through immersive replication of common faults.

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