Learn the high risk skill of electrical troubleshooting

Electrical troubleshooting is an in-demand skill by today’s employers. Simutech can help you develop and maintain your skills at your own pace in a safe and practical environment.

Develop the troubleshooting skills and expertise employers ask about in interviews

Practice Makes Perfect

Simutech’s Troubleshooting Skills Training System feature hours of tutorials and fault simulations at various skill levels. The simulations will empower you to troubleshoot more efficiently.


Standardized Procedure

Remove the guesswork. Simutech embeds its 5-Step Systematic Approach, a standardized procedure, enabling you to quickly diagnose and resolve electrical issues quickly and safely.

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“Your products have certainly played a part in our success. I have had many graduates stop by and talk about how their learned troubleshooting skills have helped them get hired or get promoted.

Jim R.

Electrical Program Director, Vatterott College

A complete solution for your troubleshooting skills development needs

Gain Reputation

Troubleshooting is a process.
To others, it looks like competence, ability, intelligence and leadership. Be noticed. Be rewarded.

Improve Your Career

From job prospects and career progression, to advancing from apprentice to journeyman faster, the Troubleshooting Skills Training System™ help you get there faster.

“I have yet to find any other products that offer the same bang for the buck. Every time I review the courses I get better, so much so that it’s noticeable to all around me. Talk about taking your skills to the next level.”

Ron C.

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