Training plans are an essential part of any manufacturing environment. They prevent accidents from happening, reduce training costs, and ensure that your company remains compliant to a variety of regulations. Without a training plan, you not only put your employees at risk of injury but you also increase the likelihood of employee turnover, which can negatively impact your profitability in the long run.

So how do you go about creating a training plan that all benefits all your employees? You’ll find the answer to that question in this post. We’ll cover some of the steps you can take to build an effective training plan and also look at how you can use Simutech Multimedia’s training platform to maximize your return on training investment.

Elements of a training plan

Creating a training plan involves a lot more than creating a training manual and sharing it with everyone in your team. It’s an ongoing process that requires continuous input from your company’s management and employees. You’ll need to collect data to see how workers progress through your program, then determine what needs to be changed to improve learning outcomes.

The topic of creating a training plan is way beyond the scope of a single blog post, but there are a few key steps you should consider when creating a training plan for your company. Let’s explore some of them below.

Training Needs Assessment

The first step to creating an effective training plan is to perform a training needs assessment. The goal of this assessment is to identify the problems that you intend to solve with your training program. For example, the need to create a training program may arise from the addition of new manufacturing equipment or a decrease in efficiency from your workers.

Developing a training needs assessment typically involves the following steps:

  • Identifying business goals that your training supports
  • Listing the tasks your team needs to perform reach your goals
  • Identifying the learning characteristics needed to make the training more effective

After you’ve created a formal needs assessment document, you’ll be able to move on to the next step, which involves setting your learning goals.

Learning goals

Your learning goals reflect the key milestones you intend on achieving from your training program. What do you want your learners to be able to do after they complete their training? Is it troubleshooting faster, following safety standards, or something else?

In addition to setting goals, you’ll want to make sure you have a means of measuring everyone’s performance against your benchmarks. Some KPIs you could consider include training accuracy, safety rate, and efficiency. These metrics are all included in our training system, so you can easily see who’s doing well and who needs additional training.

Training delivery method

Besides creating your learning goals, you’ll also need to identify the training materials required for your training program. You could go the traditional route, using in-person training, powerpoint presentations and manuals, but those methods aren’t as effective as something like simulation training.

With simulation training, your staff will be able to learn everything they need to troubleshoot electrical equipment safely in an immersive 3D environment. The best part is that you don’t need any special equipment or additional floor space to deliver the training. All you need is a browser and a laptop.

Implementation plan

Once you’ve decided on your training delivery method, you should start implementing your training plan and collecting data about your users. For the best results, you should encourage your manufacturing staff to go through the training material on a regular schedule to increase knowledge retention.

Through Simutech Multimedia’s reporting module, you’ll be able to get a high-level view of how effective your staff is at solving a wide range of problems. From these results, you’ll be able to figure out what changes need to be  made to your training program moving forward.

training plan

Learn more about implementing a training plan

If you’re currently an admin using Simutech’s training system, we have an upcoming webinar where we’ll discuss setting up an effective training plan. Be sure to join Warren Rhude, Simutech Founder, on this Administrators only webinar to learn about:

  •     Recommended Learning Paths
  •     All pieces to integrate an Annual Learning Plan
  •     Main outcomes of each module
  •     Estimated time per level

And more!

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