We are pleased to announce a major change to our individual licensing program.

But first; why are we doing the change?

We believe that students, professionals and small businesses need to improve their troubleshooting skills so they can work safely and gain career advancement. We also know—especially for students—that every penny counts, so that is why as part of our effort to pay it forward, we are enhancing our corporate social responsibility page and make this announcement.

FREE Electrical Troubleshooting Training

The fine print.

  • There is none, no gimmicks, no questions asked!

What will you get?

As part of the free electrical troubleshooting training program, any individual can get a 1-year license to Simutech’s Troubleshooting Electrical Circuits module. This is our core module that incorporates 22 years of troubleshooting know-how. It is where students learn the valuable skill of troubleshooting. This module allows learners to understand our proven 5-step troubleshooting process.

Individuals interested in purchasing additional advanced modules can now do so after logging into their accounts.

We hope this new initiative helps as many students, individuals and independent professionals gain the valuable skill of electrical troubleshooting, and we ask you to take advantage of this offer and help us spread the word.
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