Electrical Troubleshooting Training for Food and Beverage Manufacturing

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Don’t let downtime spoil your numbers

  • Every minute of production line downtime hurts your output goals
  • Properly trained staff can troubleshoot problems quickly and safely and get equipment up,
    running, and working for you

Simutech Multimedia teaches your maintenance professionals to repair electrical equipment and systems containing Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), commonly used in automation systems in the food and beverage industry.

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Fortify your output with
simulation training  

  • Equip your professionals to troubleshoot complex malfunctions using our simulation solutions  
  • Your staff will start with the basics of electrical troubleshooting and progress to simulations of large automated industrial processes like those found in food and beverage manufacturing
  • Our systematic approach teaches staff to troubleshoot problems quickly, replacing only necessary parts, reducing production line downtime and helping you reach your output goals faster

Bridge the skills gap faster.

  • The reality is, it’s hard to find people with the skills you need. And it’s just going to get harder  
  • Experienced professionals are hitting retirement age in record numbers and leaving the workforce
  • New hires lack the skills to troubleshoot complex malfunctions  
  • Even experienced professionals can be overwhelmed by the electrical component of state-of-the-art production line equipment
  • Bridge the skills gap faster—give your own professionals the skills you need them to have

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Nourish your maintenance programs during uptime

  • Simulation training familiarizes your professionals with your equipment and with industry best practices
  • When professionals know their equipment, proactive maintenance efforts during uptime can be more efficient and help reduce the number of downtime incidents
  • Equipment failures can cause collateral damage to your machines. Improved maintenance can help keep equipment with complex industrial control systems up and running, for a healthier bottom line

A taste of what Simutech Multimedia can do for you.

  • Achieve your production goals by reducing equipment downtime and lowering repair costs
  • Overcome the skilled labor shortage and train your professionals faster in the skills they need to troubleshoot complex automation systems with PLCs
  • Prioritize safety in your organization by teaching a safe method for working on hazardous equipment, reducing accidents and injuries
  • Improve plant reliability—keep your production line running smoothly with properly maintained machines

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