500+ companies and 200+ schools in over 57 countries use and trust Simutech's troubleshooting skills training system

We thank our customers who have helped us shape our product into a globally recognized award winning (over 15 awards) solution for manufacturing. Global brands rely on us to train their maintenance staff faster, keep them safe and keep downtime to a minimum. We are proud to have partnered with these global brands, and look forward to working with new ones.

Join 500+ companies who have trained maintenance staff in the valuable skill of electrical troubleshooting with the Simutech Training System.

P&G Amazon Toyota Ford
Shell DuPont Coca-Cola Tyson
Bimbo Honda Schreiber Hyatt
AK Steel Duke Energy CEIEP IEC
SCSPA logo
“The benefits were seen immediately… An apprentice who completed the training was able to quickly find and clear a ground in a circuit that had been broken for two days. This was after numerous unsuccessful attempts by a “qualified” craftsman without the software training. We are now in the process of scheduling all of our technicians for this training on a recurring basis.” Jim S.

Assistant Supervisor, South Carolina State Port Authority

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“Everyone I have put on this set of programs, from managers on down, find it to be one of the best training tools we could latch onto.” Dennis G.

Technical Operations Manager, Elite Line Services

Kangan Institute logo
“Thank you effusively for all your detailed explanations, help, and professional advice. The programs work perfectly…This is the best technical and customer service that I’ve ever experienced!” Kenny D.

Kangan Institute

Domtar logo
“We at Domtar have multiple machines for cutting paper, all are pretty elaborate electrically. Your program has given my employees a much better understanding of what it takes to troubleshoot a problem and has reduced downtime as a result. The fact that they can use the program at their leisure keeps them sharp for when the skill is actually needed. This program has been worth its weight in gold.” Sam A.

Plant Manager, Domtar

WECA logo
“The programs are robust, dynamic, well sequenced, and have thorough tutorials and an intuitive interface. Incorporation of these valuable troubleshooting tools into our curriculum is making a major contribution to the quality of our instruction in developing these troubleshooting competencies successfully.” Marilyn C.

Director of Education, WECA

Michelin logo
“The software is working out great. It’s worth making sure that our new maintenance people go through the programs and now it’s going to be a mandatory part of their training. I’ve seen the difference in the few people I’ve run through. The more practice I can get these new troubleshooters the better.” Dana M.

Michelin Tire

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