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Electrical Engineer 

(Full-Time Position)
Ottawa, Ontario

Job Overview:
We’re looking for a unique, enthusiastic, recent electrical engineering grad who is really keen on the “Electrical” in “Electrical Engineering”.  If that person throws in a mix of interest and expertise in math and programming then we might have a match!

We’re looking for a recent electrical engineering grad to help us update our existing C# “circuit simulation solver” code by:

Adding to our existing library of electrical components:

  1. Diodes
  2. Single phase motors
  3. Variable Frequency Drives
  4. Industrial Control Sensors
  5. Analog PLC modules

Creating a set of automated and performance testing tools to validate and improve the performance of the “solver” as we add components and increase the complexity of circuits in our simulations

Work Will Involve:

  • Identifying the best way to represent and integrate new components into the existing circuit-simulation solver
  • Creating, implementing, testing, and verifying the behaviour and performance of the new components in circuit simulations – Including fault scenarios
  • Developing automated testing procedures to validate the operation of the solver, behaviour of the components, and overall performance limitations


  • Analyze existing solver code and existing components
  • Research and develop a set of characteristics and behaviours for new components
  • Implement models of new components based on existing component implementations
  • Evaluate behaviour of new components in a simulated environment to confirm accuracy
  • Execute automated tests to ensure continued proper operation and performance

Expertise and Skills Needed:

  • Electrical circuit analysis, simulation, and design
  • Electrical motor theory, analysis, and simulation
  • Knowledge of Industrial Controls and Analog PLC modules
  • Mathematical expertise in solving equations relating to circuits and/or simulations
  • Programming experience – C# is a bonus

Located in Ottawa, Simutech Multimedia is a global leader of simulation-based training software for the manufacturing industry. Simutech develops software for a variety of markets in North America and abroad, and has garnered international acclaim with several industry and training awards for the quality and effectiveness of its Simutech Training System. Our customers are Fortune 500 businesses.

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