“Some problems are easy to spot; however, if you want to become an expert troubleshooter and solve the really tough problems then you need to have a system and a plan. Simutech’s Systematic Troubleshooting approach helps you to solve all electrical problems—the easy and the hard.”
– Warren Rhude, Founder and CEO, Simutech Multimedia Inc.

Electrical troubleshooting—that is tracing and correcting faults in mechanical or electrical systems—is a lucrative skill for electricians and maintenance professionals to have. Most often though, troubleshooting approaches are anecdotal, based on past experiences and gut instinct rather than a sound, systematic approach.

Recently at the NTI Trade Show, Simutech Multimedia had the opportunity to speak with many of the delegates who are instructors and training directors who are looking for an effective approach to help them teach the skill of troubleshooting.

“Feedback that we received was that Simutech’s Troubleshooting Skills Training system is the most comprehensive program currently in the industry.”

5 Step Approach

This system provides a simulation-based environment that provides its users tangible, hands-on troubleshooting experience in a safe and affordable environment. It is a logical, systematic approach that differs from troubleshooting procedures because it’s NOT a step-by-step guide on how to troubleshoot a particular kind of circuit. Rather this is a thought process that, through practice, becomes second nature to the user.

Practitioners of Simutech’s 5-Step Systematic Approach are able to analyze any type of electrical circuit’s behavior and determine what component(s) are responsible for the faulty operation. This approach identifies the exact cause of any malfunction in a minimal amount of time, helping to reduce downtime of critical systems.

Interested in learning more? Demo downloads are available here.

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