As you might’ve heard, we’ve been hard at work developing Simutech Multimedia’s newest module, and we are proud to announce that our beta version will be ready soon!  This new training tool will focus on industrial PLC analog inputs, PLCs and associated devices and teach personnel how to not only solve problems with these systems, but also how to configure them.

We’re pretty excited about our latest and greatest instructional simulation, but we want to know what your company thinks of it! Meet the New PLC Analog Inputs and Sensors Module! The new PLC Analog Inputs and Sensors module will be set in a greenhouse environment and is ideal for electrical, maintenance and manufacturing professionals who want to learn more about advanced automation elements in industrial environments. The beta release of the new module will teach participants how to anticipate results occurring from changing temperatures, humidity and light.

Other great features included in the PLC Analog Inputs and Sensors module are:

  • Improved user-interaction:  The redesigned environment is more immersive, which improves the learning experience. In this format, users will be able to walk around the environment, which is built on a 3D platform, and interact with the simulation quicker and easier.
  • Demonstrations and step-by-step guides:  Users will have access to materials and printable resources, including circuit diagrams, schematics and worksheets, to help develop new problem-solving techniques for finding and repairing faults.
  • Real-time data: Managers will have easy and secured access to up-to-date performance and progress data on the team’s training.
  • Hands-on experiences: Users will be able to take voltage, current and resistance readings to identify problems with sensors, transmitters, wiring and output components.
  • More gaming features: We’ve laid the foundation for future gaming features, such as leaderboards, peer competition, buttons, badges and motivators, which are proven to aid learning.

Interested in test driving this new way to train, but need more reasons? Watch a sneak peek video of the PLC Analog Inputs and Sensors Module! Sign up  here today to have your say as a beta tester! All participants will need to use the new module and provide feedback during the Spring 2019.

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