Our troubleshooting PLC circuits program will help you to develop the skills to begin troubleshooting electrical equipment and systems containing PLC controls. This program familiarizes you with the PLC so that you can interpret ladder diagrams which control its operation and provides you with a variety of techniques to help you diagnose and repair PLC circuits.

Included are numerous simulations where you will be able to explore the operation of the PLC as well as its characteristics. You will be able to take meter readings to identify and replace defective PLC modules and change ladder program settings with a virtual laptop.

The simulations in each program are highly realistic representations of electrical systems and behave like real circuits. There are four instructional simulations providing the basis for understanding the behaviour of PLC circuits and the ladder programs.

PLC Circuits image from 1 of 5 Guided Faults.

PLC Circuits image from 1 of 5 Guided Faults.

The hardware shown in the programs is generic for the widest possible appeal and to make sure the focus is on learning and applying the skill of troubleshooting in all circumstances.

The programs allow you to operate the system, troubleshoot faults, and repair a variety of faulty components and wiring. Along with the program are printable resources including Simutech’s 5-step troubleshooting methodology, worksheets to record your observations and actions as well as diagrams and datasheets. In response to industry demand, the programs are designed so that the simulations and resources meet NEMA and IEC standards.

Each simulation component is designed to work just like the real one. This allows the simulation to behave properly under all conditions, including fault conditions.

If you make any changes to the circuit, such as disconnecting a wire or removing a fuse, the circuit will function accordingly. Even the meter readings will display accurate readings for all circuit conditions.

Here’s what’s included in Troubleshooting PLC Circuits:

  • Lab Exercises: 13
  • Practice Faults: 6
  • Guided Faults: 5
  • Practice Faults: 6
  • Skill Test Faults: 18
  • Extra Faults: 24
  • Genius Faults: 8
  • Estimated Hours to Complete: 10-22

Whether learning or training at home in the workplace or classroom, Simutech’s Troubleshooting for PLC Circuits is the gold standard for PLC troubleshooting training.

Keep Calm and Troubleshoot On!

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