Simutech Multimedia is now a TPC company. The same quality, immersive electrical troubleshooting simulations are now available through TPC.

This is Simutech Multimedia

As a global leader in simulation-based training for the manufacturing and electrical troubleshooting industries, Simutech Multimedia makes training and assessment straightforward, innovative, and convenient.


As employees, we encourage one another to grow and innovate. As a company, we roll up our sleeves and Pay it Forward in the communities we serve.


Having recently been acquired by TPC Training, Simutech Multimedia is proud to continue its mission by bringing the very best available in simulation training to an expanded client base.


In 1990, Warren Rhude saw a major gap in the training market. While working at Ontario Hydro on the design and development of training materials for technical tradespersons, Warren realized that one skill above all is key to safe and effective training, and that skill is troubleshooting.

What is so special about troubleshooting?
  • All maintenance personnel require this skill.
  • It’s of critical importance — mistakes made while working on live equipment could be fatal.
  • It is not an easily learned skill. People entering the apprenticeship rarely had this skill, whether they were hired through a college or from another trade.

Traditional instructor-led training has its limitations. Knowledge retention is a problem as people forget concepts they don’t practice over time. Traditional hands-on training is further limited to the knowledge of the trainer.

Fundamental training like troubleshooting basic faults was being taught in the classroom, but teaching newer, more advanced repetitive skills development in traditional fashion was too costly, unscalable, and not trackable. This prompted Warren to launch Simutech Multimedia in 1995 with the mission to help people learn troubleshooting and become more effective at work. Simutech Multimedia had finally made it possible to close the skill gap.

Simutech Awards

The first module, Troubleshooting Motor Circuits, was released in 1998 and won a first place award in its category. Today over 400 companies use our training systems. Simutech is proud to have served Tom Mukulski of Honolulu Community College as our first customer, followed by Ontario Hydro, New Brunswick Community College, and Toyota Motor Manufacturing — all of which are still using the system to this day!


Pilots practice in a simulator to hone their troubleshooting skills and learn to solve unexpected problems in a safe environment. Electrical maintenance professionals are no different. Plant reliability requires three skills: being able to recover faulty equipment fast, being able to anticipate problems before they happen, and being able to ensure all these procedures are done safely. These skills require years of experience, but a simulation-based approach will get new, skilled staff up to speed and ensure that their learning is permanent.

Since our initial launch, seven more modules have been created using input from experts around the world (our product works for both North American and European systems). Each module is available in English, Spanish, and Arabic.

We continue to refine and improve the troubleshooting process taught in this system. We now offer over 250+ fault-troubleshooting simulations and we will continue to grow this catalog in the future. Constant expansion and innovation have earned us awards from both the training industry and the maintenance industry. If the Simutech system is right for you, please contact us online, or call toll-free at 1-866-942-9082.

Learn from our customers

Olden C., Intsructor, New Brunswick Community College

“It [Troubleshooting Motor Controls] is one of the best pieces of educational software I have used to date. I especially like the tracking system and would like to see it applied to other software. It really helped me to see how the students were progressing and what areas I needed to improve my delivery on. All in all, a truly exceptional product.”

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We are always looking for talented people. Join us.

Today Simutech is a global leader in simulation-based training for the manufacturing and electrical troubleshooting industry. Our dedicated and skilled team is thankful to the many corporate customers we service, the schools we help and the many individuals who use our product on a daily basis. As a token of our appreciation, we put in place a program to pay it forward and help the communities we serve.

We are on a mission to keep electrical workers safe; we are always looking for talented people, join our mission!

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