In previous posts, we’ve discussed some good reasons to implement simulations in your organization. But did you know 58% of companies are already using simulations to train their workforce? Simulation training is often an excellent route to train employees because it replicates activities employees perform in the workplace.

Plus, this learning method allows your company to collect real-time data on how your employees are interacting with the simulation, and you can use this data to modify and improve their learning path.

Below are six different benefits of using simulations vs traditional training methods:

  1. Immersive Learning: Simulations offer hands-on activities and provide an environment where the users learn by doing. Being completely immersed is the most effective way to learn a skill.
  2. Visualization: 3D animations allow concepts and ideas to be more easily verified, communicated, and understood. Simulations are based on real experience and its retention rates are as high as 90% compared to a 10% of traditional learning methods.
  3. Saves money and time: Traditional learning methods have various associated costs (rent space, travel needs, paying an instructor). Learning simulations eliminate these additional costs and are more cost-effective than physical simulators.
  4. Better decision making: Simulation brings an environment of practice where the users will gain all the experience they need to make the right decisions, quickly and confidently.
  5. Increased accuracy: Simutech Multimedia’s highly detailed simulations accurately replicate real problems. This creates the opportunity for learner to expand skills and increase confidence in their job roles.
  6. Safe environment: Training Simulations offer the ability for users to learn a high-risk skills, such as troubleshooting electrical systems, all with no risk to the employee or organization.

Simulations combine immersive learning and a training environment to provide an efficient learning experience. It also enables microlearning and training personalization which result in immediate, tangible results.

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