Simutech Multimedia is now a TPC company. The same quality, immersive electrical troubleshooting simulations are now available through TPC.

Cloud-Based Electrical Troubleshooting

Cloud-Based Electrical Troubleshooting

You can save hours of downtime and thousands in labor costs by having a well-trained maintenance team. Simutech Multimedia 3D’s cloud-based electrical troubleshooting simulations offer an immersive environment to prepare your maintenance workers to diagnose and resolve issues quickly on the factory floor.

Cloud-Based, Immersive Electrical Troubleshooting Simulations

Our advanced training software provides immersive, 3D troubleshooting simulations that replicate the look and feel of real electrical components. Workers will have a safe, accessible way to gain valuable hands-on experience, helping them learn more quickly to identify problems in real work settings.

Our 3D electrical troubleshooting simulations are also Cloud-based, making them easy to access by all of your workers from a variety of devices.

“Everyone I have put on this set of programs, from managers on down, find it to be one of the best training tools we could latch onto.”

Dennis G.

Technical Operations Manager, Elite Line Services

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Learning Labs

Through 3D Simulations, you’ll also get access to our in-depth learning labs, which give your workers the foundational knowledge to succeed at the simulations. Learn more about each of our electrical troubleshooting courses:

Core Electrical
Troubleshooting Topics

Our 3D Simulations cover the most important malfunctions your maintenance team can expect to encounter. Our current 3D simulations include:

Troubleshooting Electrical Circuits

Workers will learn the ins and outs of electrical circuits and foundational skills like use of multimeters and other important tools.

Troubleshooting Motor Circuits

In our third simulation, your workers will take on commonly occurring issues with motor circuits, helping you reduce repair costs.

Troubleshooting Control Circuits

In this simulation your professionals will diagnose and repair a variety of faults in a simulated control circuit, including relays, pushbuttons, a control transformer, a solenoid lock, a proximity switch, and circuit protection.

Troubleshooting Industrial Controls 1

In this more advanced simulation, your team will practice diagnosis and troubleshooting faults common to systems involving the heating, pumping, and mixing of multiple liquids in a batch process.

Advanced Electrical
Troubleshooting Topics

Once you complete our core simulations, maintenance workers can move on to advanced skills to turn them into electrical troubleshooting experts.

Troubleshooting PLC Circuits

Our advanced and immersive simulations teach maintenance workers the ins and outs of troubleshooting Programmable Logic Controllers.

Troubleshooting Industrial Controls and Troubleshooting Industrial Controls 2

Split into two parts, this simulation helps maintenance workers master complex issues with industrial controls, including processing fluids, electro-mechanical controls, and more.

Troubleshooting Industrial Sensors

Train your maintenance team in a diverse variety of industrial applications where sensors and environmental controls must be maintained.

Want to learn more about our simulations? Schedule your demo today.

Want to learn more about our simulations?
Schedule your demo today.