Simutech Multimedia is now a TPC company. The same quality, immersive electrical troubleshooting simulations are now available through TPC.

Installed Electrical Troubleshooting

Installed Electrical Troubleshooting

Electrical equipment downtime can be costly. With the floor at a standstill you’re losing valuable resources and man hours. That’s why Simutech Multimedia offers immersive electrical troubleshooting simulations. Our training platform offers maintenance professionals a safe, adaptive environment to build the necessary skills to get your equipment up and running in less time.

Immersive, Safe Electronic Troubleshooting Simulations

Our installed, 2D simulations realistically recreate common electrical faults, errors, and malfunctions, making it easier for your technicians to learn by doing. You’ll be able to have a full team of electrical troubleshooting specialists without the high costs of physical simulation equipment. The installed platform also makes it easy to access the program from any device it is installed on.

The 2D platform also comes with admin controls, letting you manage your employees learning experience. You can create custom curriculums, build your own assessments, and monitor progress.


“The software is working out great. It’s worth making sure that our new maintenance people go through the programs and now it’s going to be a mandatory part of their training. I’ve seen the difference in the few people I’ve run through. The more practice I can get these new troubleshooters the better.”

Dana M.

Maintenance Methods & Support Specialist, Michelin Tire

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Troubleshooting Topics

Our installed platform covers a wide range of issues to give your team a broad level understanding of electrical troubleshooting. Skills developed are also general, so they can easily be applied in a variety of fields like automotive, food and beverage, oil and gas, and more.

Troubleshooting Electrical Circuits

Workers will explore common issues with electrical circuits and foundational skills like use of multimeters and other integral tools.

Troubleshooting Control Circuits

In this training your professionals will diagnose and repair a variety of faults in a simulated control circuit, including relays, pushbuttons, a control transformer, a solenoid lock, a proximity switch, and circuit protection.

Troubleshooting Motor Circuits

This simulation teaches your team the ins and outs of motor circuits and walks them through ways to get things working again.

Troubleshooting PLC Controls

Maintenance team members will learn and determine the operation of PLC circuits using ladder diagrams, wiring diagrams, input/output schematics, and data sheets.

Troubleshooting Industrial Controls & Troubleshooting Industrial Controls 2

This two-part simulation helps maintenance workers tackle the complexity of industrial controls, including processing fluids, electro-mechanical controls, and more.

Troubleshooting Industrial Sensors

Train your maintenance team in a wide variety of industrial applications where sensors and environmental controls must be maintained.

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