2019 New Year’s Resolutions for safe and effective troubleshooting from the leaders in simulation training.

Happy New Year, Troubleshooters! We hope you had an awesome holiday and are ready to hit the ground running in 2019. There’s no better way to start off a new year than by preparing yourself for the year ahead and getting organized. To give you a head start on 2019 and to help you stay on top of it all, we’ve put together this list of 2019 New Year’s Resolutions for Maintenance Manager’s.

2019  New Year’s Resolutions for Maintenance Manager’s

1. I will set aside 2 hours a month to review our staff training plan.

This should be my resolution every year. There’s nothing I hate more than inconsistent training! And by inconsistent, I mean an unorganized training structure that leads to rookie maintenance mistakes. To avoid this, I will set aside 2 hours per month of my time to do a thorough review of our training program and make it even better every month. I will also make it a habit to review all my training programs and focus on the ones that work for my team.

2. I will set aside 1 hour a week to read up on workplace safety.

Maintenance can be dangerous, and my team is counting on me to keep them safe! I need to stay up to date on the latest safety concerns and all available tools to help create a culture of safety. I will set aside 1 hour per week to read industry safety magazines, news and manufacturing industry blogs so that I am aware of any issues and their solutions, and can pass those on to my staff.

3. I will make sure my team receives 2 hours of training per week.

I really want my team to be well trained. I know it is the best way to keep a safe and efficient floor. But in spite of all my good intentions, I’m constantly being called away to fix things. Often by the time I get to eat lunch, it’s 3 PM, or worse, time to go home. And training always ends up taking a back seat. So this year, I’m setting a 2-hour-a-week goal for each member of the team. I will make sure that I schedule it in, and I will backfill for staff so they can get this training done.

4. I will cut recruitment time by 50% by finding better recruitment and assessment tools.

We have an urgent need for new technical hires, but the HR department and I are spending a massive amount of time and money using outdated methods for recruitment. This year I will find a tool that helps us remotely test and assess a large number of candidates at once, allowing us to be more efficient while also helping us identify the most talented people for the job. No more going back and forth!

5. I will maximize uptime with better troubleshooting.

Downtime not only hurts our bottom line (a lot!), but it stops me from reaching my production goals, and it leads to high-stress levels for the team members. This year, I will make sure my team is trained to spot and repair technical issues as soon as they happen, by teaching them fast and accurate electrical troubleshooting, so they will be ready for anything. A prepared staff is a calm and happy staff!

6. I will be more data-driven with my decision making.

I know that data is essential for making good management decisions. I will make it a point to use the data that I have access to (and not just my gut feelings) to make the call about which trainees are ready for the floor, and who still needs more training.

7. I will decrease staff churn rate by increasing their job satisfaction.

People who like their job, feel that they do it well, and feel that they are appreciated, have better job satisfaction and are more engaged. And if they have high job satisfaction, they are less likely to turn around and leave, taking their experience with them. I will decrease churn rate by upskilling my staff so they have a greater sense of competence, worth, and career advancement.

And that’s it, Troubleshooters! Just a few simple resolutions that will help you take an intentional approach in 2019 to training your staff, keeping your workers safe, reaching your production numbers, and generally keeping the plant humming along smoothly.

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